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The FOSS-only people remind me of vegans. Plenty are respectful. Other ones get in your face to tell you how much of a piece of shit you are.

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@Elizafox Unfortunately it's not just vegans or FOSS people. Such individuals happen to be in all communities with "big ideas".
They may be right thousandfold, but they are such raging wankers about it, they alienate all their potential allies and recruits.
Unfortunately, this sometimes includes me as well.

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I'm a FOSS geek. Some of us are okay. I suspect the limiting factor here has nothing at all to do with software, but rather the same old dull monkey brain bullshit of "If I believe this is best, you should believe that too!" See also: almost every other arsehole.
Humans are dumb.

@shadowfirebird @Elizafox I'm a software geek too. Most of us are pretty okay. And yes, I agree.
But then again, software freedom IS important, and proprietary software IS harmful, and we can't afford to waste time and get more people using free software as quickly is possible.
I guess what I'm trying to say is, it's important to find balance between making your point and promoting your ideas and tackling big issues and not being a sanctimonious offensive inconsiderate holier-than-thou asshole.

@drequivalent @Elizafox

Plus c,a change, plus c'est la me^me chose: Orwell made pretty much the same point in the 1930s ("The Road to Wigan Pier"); the example he used was vegetarians in leftist political groups, but like you, he meant all zealots.

He argued that there was probably the same absolute number of one-issue loudmouths in any organization, but that since leftist political groups tended to be rather small, the loudmouths were a bigger proportion and thus more annoying and off-putting

many proprietary software user remind me of meat eater.
Plenty behave polite. But in general most are ignorant about the implication of their behaviour. If you tell them this straight and honest, most feel attacked.
They prefer to stay within their defined worldview. Once something is about to shake it, they value politness over friendliness and honesty

That's a bit of a generalisation,and by that not true, but it catches pretty great my experiences.


I might be one of those vegans and FOSS ppl you mentioned 😜

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