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Hacker (Death Grips aspect), KSC 🐈🦊 @Elizafox

someone should start a patreon for making 50's style mockumentaries.

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@Elizafox I'd do this, but I've already got one for fox-themed social networks

@Elizafox i'd do it if i had the voice

alas my accent would make it sound daft

@colon_three @Elizafox heyyyyyy there colon

I've got the voice, you've got the offshore bank account, let's make memes

@rey @colon_three @Elizafox No lie, I tried to read this to the tune of Pet Shop Boys. >.>

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@rey @colon_three @Elizafox It might not sound so bad; its disappeared now but STV used to have a page with random bits of stuff from 1950s/60s onwards (I looked for it but alas where it used to be is now filled up with stuff like repeats of Taggart..)