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Sydney Falk, An Oversensitive SJW Type

I never thought I'd have an app on my phone for tracking my sexual orientation but here we are

FYI: Keybase has a surprising number of new features, including

* encrypted Git repos
* encrypted team chat
* messages that die after a given time passes

so, um, yeah

I took this photo today and it’s my favorite.

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that universal truths are rarely acknowledged.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that every queer person is totally into the idea of buying an abandoned mall and just living there

Hey #SocialCoop folks, can ya'll give me a brief history lesson on how our instance handles banning or muting edgelord bullshit instances?

Everyone here is suspiciously nice. I don't trust it. 😂

I wonder if this Mastodon thing will catch on…

If I have a pet someday I will call him "Trebuchet".


there is 'pooptooting', Grand Nagus, but it has not caught on as much as people would like

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@viTekiM @craigmaloney

I believe it was one of my uncles who said baseball games were a great place to sit back, drink beer, and think about the world

he said it was like fishing only with the spikes of excitement (when you get a bite) spread out over such a long period of time they're nearly imperceptible sober


I have a really fucked up family, yeah

*tries to look fierce at a dust bunny*

@craigmaloney @viTekiM

live college hockey was interesting to watch even if I was still unmedicated back then, b/c it paces surprisingly well

one hour

breaks between

nicely structured, in and out, done

and there's always that chance our primal urges will get to see someone horribly injured!

it has it all