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Sydney Falk: Can't Be A Mom, So She Just Nags

Valve, 1997: we make video games
Valve, 2017: we sell other people's video games and make controllers
Valve, 2037: we make salsa and invent colors

*turns towards u*

*nods in understanding*

⚠️⚠️ WARNING! Do not update NPM or run it with sudo. I repeat, DO NOT TOUCH NPM ⚠️⚠️ -


it does, yeah, but it's a clock

and my swope left and right are just keep and Gmail widgets, respectively

it's pretty dull

Anyone who tells you they "don't have an agenda" doesn't know what an agenda is.


story of my life, awkwardly fucking things up

my bad squobun <3 nvm

Warner says she OD'd on somethin' called Angel Blasters. Housekeeper found her passed out in bed wearin' nothin' but a brown bolo tie, tied to a bagel.

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Steamed Hams but it's Metal Gear Solid but it's Paul Eiding reading random government documents.

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this is probably underwhelming, esp with the lifesec scrubbing, but -- weather, time, Steam auth

yes, I am this easily overwhelmed -_-

@Gargron @starbreaker @Lexialex @demonkind

I feel like there's a meme about someone showing up to offer something exactly when you need it but I can't remember the meme

but it would apply here pretty well I think

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(this is a reference and a joke, all human and technoid languages are welcome)