stomach: okay. we have half a dozen, you ate one. that leaves *five*. c'mon. eat another donut.

brain: really? you don't have to eat better *all* the time, Sydney, but it's *donuts*, FFS. you could at least pace yourself

stomach, grabbing another donut:

forgot the image! I think I forgot, anyway. maybe subconscious fear of? dunno.

anyway! here!


the sequel to the hit film

this is one of my favorite images ever (drawing of food, drawing of eye contact I guess? also link mentions numerous terrible things, please remember I was once unrepentantly shitbaggy) Show more

disturbing but accurate image Show more

FINALLY got a screenshot of this bug, omg

it almost always is MOVING, like, up and down or flickering in and out and usually by the time I get my screenshot it's GONE

this happens at least a few times a day on Opera/Win10

(that or my hallucinations are AGREEING with my screenshots finally, so either way, I need to check this with others)

(I'll find out in the morning! night)

in my home someday

I will get an old television

and it will play a continuous loop of

if you've ever wondered where the term 'emoji' REALLY came from, for REAL REALS

this is the boy band that started it all, back in the day

(DISCLAIMER: this is total horseshit)

well, got that

color coded red for noise reduction, blue for zip-tie-easy-building

now I have to figure out the last hard thing -- the dual main rotors, if I'm using the motor shaft as one of the rotors or not, whether it's all gonna be a gearbox driven thing, etc.

I want it as simple as it can get, so I'm leaning away from a custom gearbox -- I couldn't design it anyway -- but I might use one motor + a few gears for contrarotation on the other rotor.

gotta look into it tho.

this is my wonktastic solution to "how do I make cheap but secure mounting for shrouds and motors on the semi wings" except it also has to be adjustable to different motor sizes because I don't want it to be a "one engine only" kind of thing

so those slots are for zip ties


but I'm a duct tape girl at best

uspol, Old Spice, Framingham Massachusetts, food, kink, sticker shock, Jim J. Bullock (joke) Show more

the film playing in my head most of the time I'm talking to humans, especially IRL

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