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Sydney Falk: Can't Be A Mom, So She Just Nags

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"We try to prepare you for everything, but sometimes on the job you'll encounter things you've never seen before. When you do, ask your supervisor about it. For instance, you might see the following at work:"

"Often the difference between a 'meh' shitpost and a 'uwu' shitpost can be as simple as a few more puns. You'll never regret giving yourself another moment to make the post -- tweet, toot, or otherwise -- a little more surreal. For example: "

wellness person or thing: every morning, imagine you are waking up surrounded by birds, on a bed of soft grass, with the scent of nature in the air

me, every morning, mentally:

"Ritalin is terrible! Nobody should be on it!" say someone. My response: (medications, apocalypse) Show more

so here's a render of the aluminum PiShell idea, with mockups of a screen, keyboard, and the RasPi's USB and ethernet ports

not exactly earthshattering but yeah