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Sydney Falk, An Oversensitive SJW Type @sydneyfalk

: when you come here, pretend you've never heard of twitter at all before, just come in with zero expectation and you may be amazed

if you think this is a twitter clone those expectations will lead to severe disappointment when there's no rampant awfulness all over and actual humans aren't fleeing a pile of horrid bots

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@sydneyfalk yes! Even in terms of how busy Mastodon is compared to Twitter, I've seen some people come in and say the platform feels 'Dead'. There might be fewer accounts on here, but the interaction level is so much higher than having a bunch of faceless followers.

@Altruest @sydneyfalk I remember it being fairly quiet my first few months on here (last spring), but now my corner is pleasantly busy. It's drinking from a garden hose, not a fire hose.

@bstacey @Altruest

> drinking from a garden hose

this is actually one of those things that IS a fond childhood memory for me somehow

drinking from garden hoses in the summer ^_^

@bstacey @Altruest

it really did for some reason! ^_^ weird how the brain does that, if you're having fun with other kids versus you get a "glass of water" in the house, right?

I dunno, maybe it was just me but "house water" always felt dull