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Sydney Falk, An Oversensitive SJW Type @sydneyfalk

Intro For Newbies In Five Hundred Characters Or Less:

We're weird.


If you like our weird, hang out.

If you don't like our weird, hang out and complain about it, but nobody will listen and we'll still be weird.

If you think we're destroying something, some of us will laugh at you secretly, but a lot of us will just pity you or assume you're misinformed.

If you come here and treat this like Twitter, that will be a gigantic mistake, and I do not recommend it.

That is all. ^_^ ❤

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Addendum: Any responses of the form "but Mastodon IS destroying X" will not prove that it's true, make it true, or make you seem less pitiable.

Twitter's destroying itself by pandering to awful. GS is doing that too, but faster, and 'ironically'. Your favorite coffee place going away isn't Masto's fault either.

Toaster strudels just get destroyed, i.e. eaten, and nobody does it, it's just a universal constant.

a. destruction is also a creative force
b. fuck the nuclear family. it may as well be radioactive.