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cats, expanding brain meme:
- inside
- outside
- actually inside. no, outside.
- the quantum superposition of inside and outside

Sydney "The Riddle Of The Meds" Falk @sydneyfalk


cats are proof that "inside" and "outside" are arbitrary concepts

leave a house to the elements, in a hundred years it will be indistinguishable in many cases from the "outside" it wasn't part of

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@sydneyfalk i've heard things about cats and how the inside/outside phenomenon is a matter of object permanence but, i'm not a cat, so idk 🤷

@garbados *barges in* yeah, i've heard that too. i even want to try to make a game about some myths (calling them that as proper sources and theory on it are... anecdotal at best?) surrounding how cats see space separations and inside/outside liminally

@dustine @garbados Oh my god you should totally do that. I've been thinking about making a "cat simulator" where the player would experience the world from a cat's viewpoint, but I could never really grasp what the central differences should be.

And you totally nailed it with that.

@grainloom @garbados toooo be honest my actual concept isn't so much a cat simulator as "how weird would it be if reality made itself so room permanence wasn't a thing anymore", i would so play a cat simulator that played with that in tangent too

so you should so totally do that too OuO

@dustine @garbados Then I guess I'll have to steal your idea 😁

Do you want something like Antichamber?