@jk What if… what if we’ve reached full circle, and now non-ironically wearing non-ironic clothing is the new irony?!

@sydneyfalk @plsburydoughboy @jk What exactly does an irony board look like? Follow up: How does it work?

@viciousviscosity @plsburydoughboy @jk

I have nothing clever to come back to the phrase "irony board" with

just nothing


@sydneyfalk @plsburydoughboy @jk I guess it's like when you are rhyming and then someone says "orange"

Sydney Falk, An Oversensitive SJW Type

@viciousviscosity @plsburydoughboy @jk

but then I say "sporange"

and then they say "silver"

and I say "chilver"

and they say "purple"

and I say "hirple"

and they say "YOU CAN'T MAKE UP WORDS"

and I say "BUT I CAN LOOK 'EM UP MOFO: mentalfloss.com/article/62154/ AND YOU DIDN'T SAY THEY HAD TO BE IN COMMON USE"

and they say "why are you yelling?"

and I say "you started it"

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