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Hi! Have you ever been so *sick* of politics you had to go AFK or at least AF something *because it was all politics and overwhelming*?

IF YES: You're like *most* people. Most people have limitations like that. CWs allow for people, including you, to *keep using Masto* and *not have to be overwhelmed like you were at those times*. That's why they're our friends. We should use them.

IF NO: Good for you! Seriously. But be nice to the rest of us, please. We're not you.

FURTHERMORE: If you think this is some line in the sand, it isn't. Politics gets discussed on Masto all the time.

But the instances where it's discussed out loud 24/7 are in some cases locked out of a lot of the fed or in others are just really stressful for most people to be in, so, they just *aren't there*, and a lot of us mute those instances.

If you want to go there, go there, politic all you wanna, but *people can just block you here* and then far fewer are hearing what you have to say.

If what you have to say is important, you probably want people to hear you. CWs help with that, especially if they're people who would be overwhelmed by them -- because they will *often* go back and look at it after coffee, morning medications, breakfast, an hour or two, whatever.

The option is a good thing. It's not censorship for about five huge obvious reasons (like "not a government" and "no one is owed a platform for speech, only their ability to express themselves").

That's all.

@sydneyfalk 👍🏼 👍🏼

Good to see you pop up in the timeline BTW :blobcat:


You too, relative stranger! ;P Haven't seen you in a while. How's things? What are you up to?

@sydneyfalk Still making games. Pushing a crowdfunding campaign for the next three days. (so tired)

Also kids started school so I'm up early again.

But all is well!


*nodnods* The push, and the lifenings. The stuff that happens in between the unintentional efforts and behind the scenes of the intentional efforts.


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