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Sydney Falk: Can't Be A Mom, So She Just Nags

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fair warning for newbies: people you see responding to me may not be visible to me, if I don't respond to someone's responses it is not a statement about anything, it is often that I simply didn't see it at all

or that I don't care

or that I am terrible and agree

or that I am terrible and disagree

feel free to assume the worst if you'd like, I am often pretty terrible and you might be right, who knows

not you

and probably not me! ^_^

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Quick note for new Mastodonians:

If you try to follow someone and get an hourglass, it means they have to approve your follows.

It is not a reflection on you if this doesn't happen immediately. Notifications about this aren't in the same window as the usual "someone followed you" default notifications.

It's not like Twitter's thing. It's Masto's own thing, and some of us are a bit more security-conscious than others, and some of us are slow to review our follow requests.


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Fair warning:

I don't have to wonder about what drives people to terrible actions.

I have COMMITTED terrible actions.

I have experienced virtually no legal action for such, likely never will (IIRC statutes ran out -- or the evidence is all gone, and either way I will confirm no details of anything).

As someone who has actually done terrible shit, I UNDERSTAND what drives people to terrible shit.

The terrible actions still need stopping, just like someone should have stopped me.

Valve, 1997: we make video games
Valve, 2017: we sell other people's video games and make controllers
Valve, 2037: we make salsa and invent colors

*turns towards u*

*nods in understanding*

⚠️⚠️ WARNING! Do not update NPM or run it with sudo. I repeat, DO NOT TOUCH NPM ⚠️⚠️ -

Anyone who tells you they "don't have an agenda" doesn't know what an agenda is.

Warner says she OD'd on somethin' called Angel Blasters. Housekeeper found her passed out in bed wearin' nothin' but a brown bolo tie, tied to a bagel.

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Steamed Hams but it's Metal Gear Solid but it's Paul Eiding reading random government documents.

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(this is a reference and a joke, all human and technoid languages are welcome)

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here at Mastodon your human languages are frequently understood but many of us are learning 'Mastodoni'

what happened to you little blob friend what have they done to your face ;-;

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I'm honestly a little schadenfreudey about Twitter

like, I know I'm not being my best self but like

I LOVE the idea, on some level, that there's corporate people going "but it can't make money and it's not a company! why would people use it?!"

like the idea of a service NOT being corporately controlled is SO SURREAL to them it's basically a Twilight Zone episode

this is why piracy was rampant, but they have no way to think of it as IP theft and the genie can't go back in the bottle anyway