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Sydney'st "I'm into ! :wastebasket: #" Fal'k've

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"In time you will find it easy to assume that you deserve the extra cookie. For all I know, you may. But you’ll be happier -- and the world will be better off -- if you at least PRETEND that you don’t."

(emphasis added)

-- Michael Lewis

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I have a discord ( Sydney Falk #8844 ) and a wire ( sydneyfalk ) and an email ( )

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> You owe a debt to the unlucky. I make this point because ... it is something that will be easy for you to forget.

-- Michael Lewis

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Quick note for new Mastodonians:

If you try to follow someone and get an hourglass, it means they have to approve your follows.

It is not a reflection on you if this doesn't happen immediately. Notifications about this aren't in the same window as the usual "someone followed you" default notifications.

It's not like Twitter's thing. It's Masto's own thing, and some of us are a bit more security-conscious than others, and some of us are slow to review our follow requests.


France confirms that Matrix (and Riot) is the basis for their upcoming secure communication app for official government use, and will be 100% FOSS! Exciting times :D

So I was at an office supply shop the other day and they had these ridiculously tiny little canvases, couldn't help myself.

Only problem is I'm a wee bit stumped as to what to put on them.

So how about it? Anyone want a teensy weensy itty bitty li'l oil painting they can call their very own? I'm thinking a portrait/pet portrait (though I'm open to suggestions if you've got something else in mind) - for, shall we say, $30?

#art #artist #commission #painting #paint #oilpainting

fuck this

if I'm still up in two hours I'm just getting up for the day

I'll take a sleeping pill regardless tomorrow

fucking brain

Insomnia: A Freeform Mess (don't read) Show more


It's a nootropic from the dark 'net called Cosmic Skittles. Dude was pitchin' his startup for cake restaurants staffed by animatronic chihuahuas, suddenly he was invitin' everyone to "beta test" his new church that worships Siri.

is it true that MJ recorded a short version of Billie Jean called Billie Jort

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xey were an unstoppable force
fae were an unstoppable force
fae were an unstoppable force
fae were an unstoppable force
fae were an unstoppable force
fae were an unstoppable force
fae were an immovable object
can i make it anymore obvious

So I imagine you are all peeling the yams about the drywall installing robot who has a microscopic plastic figurine purchased from a vending machine at a supermarket like they had in 1987 as its sidekick and a wet toaster as its deadly nemesis

So I imagine you are all watching that live-action film about the self-aware traffic light who has a rare book valuer as a best friend and a patch of grass in the south of Colorado as a father figure

So I imagine you are all watching that anime about the red panda girl who has a deer girl as a co-worker and elephant as a CEO

you think you kids have real music

with hardcore and nerdcore and warpcore and breakcore

wait until CORECORE is going away. Find me at @sev at ... at least this week.



Probably last toot here.
Witches town helped me discover my bisexuality, my agender identity. It helped me improve greatly my self-confidence, it was the first place online where I could post selfies of myself I liked, and I enjoyed seeing that other people might like them too.
I found several beings that crushed on me and on whom I crushed back, and I loved that even if nothing happened irl. I learned several concept, better understood different kind of discrimination, felt legitimate about my problems. I better understood how my environment changed and influenced me.
Finally, I met incredible people I'll continue to follow.

For all of this, thank you WT💜

don't computers. i advise against it. do not!