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"In time you will find it easy to assume that you deserve the extra cookie. For all I know, you may. But you’ll be happier -- and the world will be better off -- if you at least PRETEND that you don’t."

(emphasis added)

-- Michael Lewis

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I have a discord ( Sydney Falk #8844 ) and a wire ( sydneyfalk ) and an email ( )

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> You owe a debt to the unlucky. I make this point because ... it is something that will be easy for you to forget.

-- Michael Lewis

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Quick note for new Mastodonians:

If you try to follow someone and get an hourglass, it means they have to approve your follows.

It is not a reflection on you if this doesn't happen immediately. Notifications about this aren't in the same window as the usual "someone followed you" default notifications.

It's not like Twitter's thing. It's Masto's own thing, and some of us are a bit more security-conscious than others, and some of us are slow to review our follow requests.


corpers cheat municipalities over "jobs" Show more

god, clambering through webcrap is a whole shitty Atari game in and of itself

* it's hard to know what you're doing unless you're already well versed
* sometimes you just flatly lose and had zero chance of finding what you were looking for
* I frequently hallucinate a little spritely adventure woman who's platforming through the generated HTML and javascript

"In a political situation in which care is both exceptionally necessary and exceptionally underprovided, acts of care begin to look politically radical. To care is to act against the grain of social and economic orthodoxy: to advocate care is, in the present moment, to advocate a kind of political rupture. But by its nature, care must be a rupture which involves taking account of, centring, and, most importantly, taking responsibility for those for whom you are caring."

I still have things I wish to tell the world

but the world is only entertained at best, it doesn't mean anything to them

so it seems pointless to say them

(no replies please)

So I just discovered a bizarre instance that has a bunch of custom features.

Look at this profile here:

Also I signed up with my facebook account and then it didn't let me set a username and defaulted to the bizarre username @fb10155987946582408

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confederate statues, profanity Show more

(and remember, kids: all three categories tell themselves "I'm a good person and I'm doing these things for good reasons", but only one happens to be telling the truth!)

regular people: shift instances on Masto to get away from problem instance management, harassers, etc.

harassholes: shift instances on the fediverse so they can scream out of new holes and then complain about anybody responding to their shittery by saying "just block me" even though that's literally why they left their old holes, because nobody was talking to their shitty ass any more

techbro shitknobs: constantly creating new instances on the fed for the same reason harassholes move instances

opening small talk correctly: "hey, what book is that you're reading?"

opening small talk incorrectly: "hi, are you married, and is your spouse single"

if pushing big red buttons is outlawed

then only outlaws will push big red buttons

(but they *will* do it, so like put your big red buttons in the right places and with security measures FFS, it's a button, a lot of people were brought up watching cartoons where people pushed buttons all the time, they think the explosion will just cover them with soot or whatever)

video games are basically impossible to make tbh and any that get released are miracles

new great line I'll use someday in something

"Hey, c'mon. I'm a monster, but I'm not an *asshole*."

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