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Sydney Falk

anyway! ^_^

chili, fixed a thing at the house without problems, Intrusive Roommate's head is marginally less far up his ass lately

it was a pretty great day overall ^_^

tomorrow I've got stuff I need to be doing, but today I could relax for a bit between things. (tomorrow I might not be on Masto, but -- I'll be back again soon, I'm sure. ^_^ )

ni ni, Masto! <3
おやすみ, 鱒丼! <3

I think I am officially getting a wart on my left thumb.


As "problems I've had lately" go, this one will be most welcome and trivial to deal with, so: Yay wart!

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can you hear the jorts... rustling around in the breeze?

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dr. who slowly unzips his pants, revealing a pair of smaller, impossibly tight jorts underneath


but it was good ^_^

just gonna, um, digest that

probably until lunch tomorrow >_>

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Good news, everyone! We're Oracle

and we're desupporting Java 8 in September 2018 and we're also introducing a Java 9 BUT DON'T INSTALL IT SERIOUSLY DON'T INSTALL IT

because THEN in March 2018 we're introducing Java 18.3 BUT DON'T INSTALL THAT ONE EITHER because it's not Long Term Support, that won't be until September

exactly as your Java 8 goes no more security patches and

We're Oracle, and let's just say we want to watch the world burn.

JFK assassination theory stuff (Hickey Theory) Show more

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The thing is, spreading dark conspiracy theories has always been a time-honoured tactic of subversion and destabilisation of spy agencies. Predating World War II, certainly.

Don't always assume someone spewing angry and fearful nonsense on the Internet is *just* crazy (or just swept into a meme-storm. Especially if they seem to be the source, and well-funded. They might be a perfectly rational actor, just trying to damage public trust for strategic domestic or geopolitical reasons.

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There are important questions as yet unasked, I think, about just how this shift in thinking occurred - and who the funders and strategists were of this shift to apocalyptic memes in US conservative thinking.

Because I don't believe it happened either spontaneously or accidentally.

I also don't think the Russians got on board until a bit later. Maybe even after the Yeltsin era. But I do recall 1990s US preachers looking fondly towards post-Soviet Russia as "the new future home of freedom".


chili ^_^

this came out great ^_^

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I also haven't built-from-parts a PC in at least twelve years, so -- this'll be interesting, at the very least. ^_^ Or highly frustrating. We'll see, I guess.

I miss my aunt, dammit.

I loved her and -- I wish I could see her again, I wish she was sending me cards, not sending me money via lawyer.

But she wanted me to take care of myself, so I will try a little.

I owe her -- and my wife, and my other missing family -- that much.

This laptop will still work fine for basic writing, but I haven't had a gaming PC for -- shit, ten years or something? And I can't do the dev testing and emulation for the リネコマ that I need to do on this thing.

So I have solid actual reasons to need a beefy fuckin' machine. Not exorbitant, but powerful enough that I can emulate the cores without choking into a crash.

My aunt loved me, and wanted me to have something -- so, okay. The rest of it goes into the OH FUCK fund, but -- I'll have this.

I came to a decision about how I may be getting something from my aunt's estate

(there's some inane banking issue that hasn't been fixed, apparently, which is preventing the "find out" part of this equation -- I'm worried my old student loans may end up eating the whole thing, but -- hell, I don't know how federal anything works :\ even when it's explained in triplicate)

But IF I do get what I may get, I'm actually going to get the computers I've put off getting for nearly five years now.

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I'm not sayin Russia *is* behind this sudden crazy soup of weird, expensively promoted go-nowhere conspiracies

but adding organised Russian 'memetic warfare' as a data point DOES suddenly make sense of a WHOLE LOT of things that otherwise seem like utterly strange mysteries on the Internet.

Why the same flimsy weird stories keep repeating, even when there's no obvious financial backer and payoff.

Why it's just all about random fear and chaos yet the websites and videos are so slick.