When my tabby wants to "go up" (sit on my shoulders) the kitten gets jealous and wants to go up too

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If you havin' firewall problems I feel bad for you son. I've got 65535 ports but `iptables -A INPUT -j DROP` each one

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DC, Birbsite, WMATA 

live in the DC Area? Do you use #WMATA?

My colleagues and I on WMATA's Riders Advisory Council need help. There's still time to prevent some of the worst budget cuts coming in January.

Please visit, sign up to speak next Tuesday, email comments, or take the survey.

your voice really can make a difference! we have serious allies on WMATA's board for the first time in a very long time and projections are that they're saving 15% more than necessary.

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It finally came. This is the keyboard of the future.

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UncensoredDNS now has full DNS-over-HTTPS support!

Support for ECDSA keys and certificates was also added to all servers. This means you might see a new fingerprint for existing DNS-over-TLS setups.

More info at

Amazon product Q and A's are useless

Q: Can the child-gate keep cats out?
A: I don't have cats so I don't know


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You know how it is; it's happened to you a million times. You're sitting at the console and think: what does the IATA code "MEX" stand for?!

I've made a small thing:

dig TXT

gives details on which airport it is, including link to Wikipedia page if there is one, and

dig LOC

gives you its LOCation.

perl -e '$_ = q{ab . " boi cu}; s/u/ here!!\n"/; s/b / "swagg"/; s/a/print/; s/c/was/; eval;'


screen shot of identical quotes from Mitch McConnell in 2016 and Chuck Schumer in 2020: "The American people should have a voice in the selection of their next Supreme Court Justice. Therefore, this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new president."

they’re waiting for you Gordon... IN THE TEST CHAMBURRRRRR

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♻️ IPv6 is the metric system of the Internet
#IPv6 is the metric system of the Internet. Once you get it, it's way easier, but nobody wants to upend things to use it on the daily.

dang i went to the store to pick up an ethernet cable and accidentally grabbed a streaming internet cable 🤦

Say no to pointless RGB and yes to NIC activity lights. Didn't BeBox machines have CPU load indicator lights on the case? Functional activity lights can still look cool but also serve a purpose!

A new systemd feature interests me... Plz don't tell the other Slackware users I said this!! 🤫

police violence and neurodivergence/mental health 

Whenever the talking heads on TV talk about "mental health", remember that there's essentially no mental health services the US gov't offers

SmartCard auth is really cool until you lock the card out... Killer security feature but so cold and unforgiving

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