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It's not when you can't see home, that's still too close. It's when you can't see how to get to where you can see home. That's when you've lost home.
"There," father says, "just above those three stars in a line. You can't see it, but that's where Earth's Sun is."
I can't see it.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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Meme; Snagged from LinkedIn 

Even Santa can't escape the consequences of #GDPR. 🎅🍪

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Cold War V movies just consist of people looking for enemy combatants that they can't seem to find and there's actually no action it just turns into a HARD HITTING ACTION FILM ABOUT BEING FRIENDS AND FIGHTING THE LAST POCKETS OF SEXISM

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Got some kind of old-man stomach bug that's also triggered my high blood pressure. My body is telling me someone punched me in the gut and my heart is thumping looking for who it was, but the rest of me is just "eurgh".
Thought it was a dumb idea to visit with Doctor Whisky, but here I am and nope, best thing.
Sadly this is the penultimate dram from the giant bottle of alternate-universe limited-edition Jack Daniels an old friend bought me a couple years ago. There will be no more. Damn it.

Apologies to @Elizafox. I have to unfollow them for now because otherwise my entire timeline is @Elizafox

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Apparently the French phrase for /pie chart/ is /diagramme camembert/.

You learn so much on the Fediverse. :D

Welp, not quite 24 hrs from my rejoining mastodon and I've blocked my first account. So that happened.

Peter Parker opens the door to police. Gait and voice analysis prove he's Spider Man. They're here to arrest him for wearing a mask in a public place…

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Random observation: the superhero genre relies in part on the idea that you can create a secret identity, easy enough in the US in the 50's and 60's but barely possible online now.

Pol, depressing as hell, racism, twitter xpost 

Tweet from honestly fuck this wretched island (@misslucyp)

There’s a man outside Brixton station shouting ‘Boris 1 - Remoan 0’ and pointing at black and brown people and singing ‘YOU lose’ at them, so that’s what we’ve woken up in.


Well seems to be an _astonishingly_ complete Android client for Mastodon. Wish I had half this functionality on my Twitter client.

Okay my identity is a work in progress. Apologies. But I'm back.

Interlinked MST3K

this is mst3k