I would love to fully switch away from birdsite but I don't see it happening because there are topics I can read there that I can't seem to read here. I mean, I'm okay with shitposting and cat pictures as much as anyone. But I also want to talk about politics and, I guess, philosophy?
Maybe birbsite wins by virtue of having so many f**ing users -- "all human life is here, damnit?" With that in mind, I'm also @stareye, but it's no better.
Fedilab supports the "whom to follow" thing, but there is no-one (!) in "UK politics" or "philosophy", either here or there?

Clarification: "philosophy" not "Philosophy". I don't give a damn about whatever Whitgenstein said, but if you want to talk about what the Chinese Room thought experiment says about sapience, you had me at "what".

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Hmm. Maybe the "whom to follow" feature is buggy in Fedilab. Now following a f**kton of people at random there, see what that brings…

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