I would love to fully switch away from birdsite but I don't see it happening because there are topics I can read there that I can't seem to read here. I mean, I'm okay with shitposting and cat pictures as much as anyone. But I also want to talk about politics and, I guess, philosophy?
Maybe birbsite wins by virtue of having so many f**ing users -- "all human life is here, damnit?" With that in mind, I'm also @stareye, but it's no better.
Fedilab supports the "whom to follow" thing, but there is no-one (!) in "UK politics" or "philosophy", either here or there?

Clarification: "philosophy" not "Philosophy". I don't give a damn about whatever Whitgenstein said, but if you want to talk about what the Chinese Room thought experiment says about sapience, you had me at "what".

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Hmm. Maybe the "whom to follow" feature is buggy in Fedilab. Now following a f**kton of people at random there, see what that brings…

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@stareye @stareye I'm on birdsite more than fedi lately because people have been pushing the topics I care about out.

There was this whole /thing/ that you should use CWs on posts about tech and it made a lot of people upset on both sides and I mean... I understand a lot of CW requests but I need this explained to me and nobody would they just said I'm an asshole for not automatically respecting them

My other interest is meteorology and wx Twitter is huge compared to wx fedi.

Well, CW is for things people might find objectionable or upsetting, right? It's not for things people will find boring or confusing? I put politics in a CW because it's usually depressing, but that's as far as I go.
Also, on some folks aren't even CWing porn. So, in summary: WTAF?
(Note, all: Not gonna CW tech. Feel free to unfollow or mute me.)

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