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Paul Muad'Dab

thinking about posting something good

podcasts killed the livejournal star

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I opened mastodon in Firefox's "reader" view & it looks like this

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so close to Having An Opinion And Posting It, but resisting successfully thus far

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The main advantage of a 24 hour time is you get 13:37

However, with a 12 hour time, you get 4:20 twice a day. Both have something going for them..

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"if you manufacture a lava lamp underground and never bring it above ground, is it called a magma lamp?"

My weather professor: "Here's my simple rule for turbulence on airplanes. I don't get worried until people start screaming"

if you think about it, wearing a glove is basically just holding it a certain way

The FBI agent meme is NSA erasure

the jury is still out on whether water is good for you or not. but i’m firmly pro-water

thinking about getting into a crazy situation like pet sitting my friend's hamster and then accidentally sucking it into a vacuum

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Boston Dynamics Builds "Perfect Wife"

Top Psychologists: President Has "Pea-brain Syndrome"