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by age 35 you should have your own portal to hell. not mooching off your parents

if openbsd is so good then why not openbsd 2

panicking thinking everyone around me can smell the hamburger in my pocket ***this isn’t a joke***

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excuse me, but this is not Mastodon, it is the Fediverse, a platform built on various social streams servers hosting various federated apps, or as I have come to refer to them, FApps. some social streams servers only allow hosting one FApp, like Mastodon, but others like Pleroma allow hosting many FApps.

i swear this homework is easier to do while drinking. or maybe i just give less of a shit

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Suq Madiq rebroadcasted

*Cell amused voice* jimmy johns would have us believe that being a freak is a good thing *suddenly angry* but the only good freak is a dead one *fires special beam cannon at Goku*

*Cell chuckling* Goku, you will NEVER get me to stop tweeting

@Elizafox i drove past the “HELL IS REAL” sign today and apparently they added “WELCOME TO AMERICA” in small text underneath it

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plugging in a USB 2.0 right the first time without thinking about it is a feeling better than sex

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laughing and imagining a series of glowing rings spreading out from the city center and eventually vaporizing everybody in town but leaving the buildings intact etc

if America is so great then why is there no America 2

just poking my head in here to say. as a chemical engineer. alcohol is the only good thing on this bitch of an earth

additionally, your profile may be mirrored on GNU social or pleroma instances and those do not respect the no indexing rule. @kaniini thoughts?

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