Team touch point call with leaders
Q&A session
“what’s the criteria for laying off people if you’re allowed to share that?”
partner‘s internet goes offline
Fucking lmao

(They got back on and answered the question properly it was just hilarious timing)

Is there a decent Matrix client for iOS at all? Riot’s interface (both web and mobile) makes me about as frustrated as trying to interface a REST API with an SAP CRM

I think I’ve become so jaded to the stress that I’ve just defaulted to a weird state of fawning over @cadey every waking hour

Also TIL logitech unifying receivers prevent my motherboard and @cadey's from POSTing at all

That's a major bruh moment and 2 hours of troubleshooting and frustration thinking we had a faulty mobo (and bricked mine) that we'll never get back

The longer you work in the industry (any industry) the more you realize that our entire civilization is built on aging duct tape and popsicle stick foundations sprinkled with matchsticks for decoration. When people share their fucked up workplace stories with you it just enforces that idea even more.

I already knew this even when working retail but having seen the misadventures Cadey has at her current job and the weird shit we see at work, I felt compelled to say it lol.

In the wise words of our blessed speedrunner juzcook: “oi, janky hack mate”

uspol, Facebook 

Give it up to Facebook for providing me with not one, not two, not three, but FOUR Ben Shapiro videos in two page scrolls almost one after the other. It’s that time of the year. What a pissing contest

i spent 4 hours in VRChat world hopping in avatar worlds yesterday and i found the one
look at this swag

Never fear, AirPod man is here— oh no he can’t hear us oh god oh fuck

Ok, i need opinions, which one's a better refrigerator door?

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