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Sargoth (irreverent aspect)

that which was never alive can never truly die

the core component of any infosec presentation
you take a unit of glitter, like so, and toss it out over the audience
as you might imagine, it gets onto and into everything, with very visible results

after a while, the audience learns a valuable lesson about infosec, including but not limited to not attending presentations on infosec (unless you really like glitter)

the aliens abducted him!
...and they don't want him back!


(how far we have come from becoming the change)

become the free-floating narrative voicetrack you want to know exists somewhere in the world

become the emojojojo you want to see in the wojojojojo

the subtle difference between "what did you do?" and "what have you done?"

Headcanon: Stardew Valley and Factorio take place in the same narrative universe