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Sargoth (irreverent aspect)

The internet of things
like wet strings
snakes, occasionally delivering packets upon touching other things
trees & roots
everything is a router

But how will this affect property values in the Greater London Metropolitan Area?

My mastodon rival is
*thinks long and hard*
I've got nothing

How many boops would the Boppers boop if the Boppers could boop?

Carmen Sandiego will boop you in your sleep

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🐓 🔪 🔲 🏨

Finding Carmen Sandiego > finding William Shatner

they put chemicals into our patreons to make our furries gay


When I used to be an executive assistant at a fund of hedge funds, my boss, who had absolute faith in the abstracted numbers of which his business was solely comprised, scoffed at Bitcoin saying, “I would never invest in that! It’s entirely made up!”

“So is all currency, though,” I replied.

He looked at me like I’d brought the fallen corpse of his god and laid it across his desk.

when in doubt, pay your anarchist marching bands first

Become the microblog powerhouse you want to see outside, right now

- me, trying out as snooker TV commentator