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Sargoth (irreverent aspect)

I borrowed a book today
It is a book of pictures
It is titled "Soviet bus stops"
It contains pictures of Soviet bus stops
I need you to know this fact about me

Ask not for whom the Jort tolls
ask not that thing
it makes no sense
Jorts are incapable of those kinds of noises

Usurp the honorary title you want to have the world

Uspol, Tillerson Show more

DST between a Sunday and a Monday?
now that is just asking for trouble

deep sledbonk
ultraviolet sledbonk

most dates only have two modes Show more

"irreverent aspect sargoth, no one remembers that meme on its home bird site, why would anyone remember it here?"

it lives on as long as someone keeps saying it

Language detection
the final frontier
or numberwang?

the two categories:
things that are numberwangs

memetic hazard; open only on your own risk Show more

the chainchain
or, as we affectionately call it
the really long chain

The bookchain
for academics, librarians, and those who are scared someone will steal their books

an interinterlinked foundation, linking all the interlinked foundations