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Interlinked Disclaimers 

I am the President of the Interlinked Foundation.

This is my personal account.

Anything I post here represents my own personal views and opinions. Nothing I post here constitutes a statement made by, endorsed by, or made on behalf of the Interlinked Foundation, unless I specifically say this is an official statement.

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I'm the bird formerly known as @luciferMysticus, but that name is sort of dead now.

See that account for my old posts

"What's on deck today Adam?"

"Well Jamie, have you ever heard the idiom 'I'd rather shit in my hands and clap?'."

"Are you sure this isn't too low-brow for cable?"

"Listen, it's so common, we just GOTTA test it. We can't let this one get away."

"Okay, so how do we test this? We gotta make sure the shit is consistent, so better put everyone on a diet for a week."

"Right, and we need a consistent pair of hands."

*in unison* "Buster."

drugs, AI generated story 

Why didn't any of you motherfuckers tell me about the Tulsa Drug Mall??? Fuck.

"SH" presented to the emergency department in a state of stupor, confusion, and delirium. Patient claimed his last location was the "lava reef zone." He continuously demanded to be treated with more rings, and spoke of a consistent delusion of an "eggman" stealing his "chaos emeralds." Patient had full-thickness burns across 30% of his body. Toxicology tests determined he had 0.02mg/L of methamphetamine and 344.24ng/mL of cocaine, with various levels of metabolites indicative of prolonged usage.

re: pol --- 

the christofascists are going to kill us all and take the whole planet with them

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pol --- 

this country is heading straight to h*ck and i don't like it

if underwater vessels are submarines then ships and boats are supermarines

poop lyrics 

This time i'mma let it all come out
This time i'mma stand up and sh--
I'mma doo-doo my way
It's my way
My way or the highway
This time i'mma let it all come out
This time i'mma stand up and sh--
I'mma doo-doo my way
It's my way
My doo-doo highway

I ain't afraid of no sleep
I ain't afraid of no bed

political vore 

putting all the centrists in the center of my digestive system

Is raising a zombie from the dead illegal in Wisconsin? Asking for a friend...

i can't believe a virtual youtuber stabbed me in the prostate

getting vored by vtubers is not how i expected to spend my sunday evening

recent events in America 

I think it's time to shut down 4chan, assuming the FBI hasn't already turned it into a honeypot. /pol/ is a toxic cesspit that is literally murdering people.

re: misspelling, urine, bad 

imagine an entire alien spaceship coming out of your pee-hole

this is what it's like inside my mind and i hate it

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