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I'm the bird formerly known as @luciferMysticus, but that name is sort of dead now.

See that account for my old posts

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I really want to take a nap in a pumpkin right now and I don't know why. Is this bad?

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terrible idea: a visual novel about OS development

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*scientist voice*

When I was a child there were 9 genders, as decided by the council of applied gender in 1939. But now, although there are only the 8 closest major genders most people know about, there are known to be thousands of genders, including exogenders and dwarf genders. Some of them are even twice the size of Jupiter.

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What they said: "Attention passengers collecting bags from baggage claim 14, please be aware that a red flashing light indicates a belt malfunction. The airport of seattle and the airline have been notified, and it should be fixed in 5-10 minutes"

What I heard: "Oops! Something went wrong! Please try again in a few minutes (KB #1002)! [stylized number 500 in the background]"

maintenance complete. I just needed to update ruby and rebuild a few gems

I'm about to do some regulaly unscheduled maintenance on mst3k. I expect it to only take a few minutes

tired: pee is stored in the balls
wired: piss is a critical safety feature for anesthetic equipment

whoa. I just powered on my PlayStation 2 for the first time since around 2014 and the time on its clock is still almost right. It's only 7 minutes ahead.

I'm having the worst intrusive thought right now: CDMA stands for Cod Division Multiple Accees

crime against food? 

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