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I'm the bird formerly known as @luciferMysticus, but that name is sort of dead now.

See that account for my old posts


I refuse to call the People's Republic of China just "China" with no qualifiers because that erases the existence of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau and it continues the false theory that the mainland Chinese people and the government (the PRC) are the same thing. I also refuse to accept the ROC as being China because it doesn't have any actual control over the mainland but I do recognize its legitimacy over Taiwan somewhat, but that's complicated because of how they treated native Taiwanese.

Global politics, sex act 

I'm not going to suck the PRC's dick unless they suck mine first and stop suppressing their citizens' rights.

I'm not going to suck the US's dick either because Florida is nasty.

re: minor vent 

I'm just sick of tankies acting like China's this glorious place and the West is just automatically wrong about everything. Look I don't like the US government either, but even a broken clock is right twice a day (and they're right about the Uyghurs), and I sure as fuck won't anti-imperialism so hard that I become a tool of the Chinese government's imperialist and neo-colonial aims (what do you think belt and road is?).

The best part is every tankie looks at you like you just stepped off of Mars when you say that or even seriously propose it (I once did, when times were greener for me). Which you'd think for people who stan for China so much they'd jump on that but nope.

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minor vent 

Getting to the point with tankies who keep denying anything bad is happening with the Uyghurs where I'm about to tell them if China's so great I'll pay for their fucking plane ticket there. Well... after I get a job.


yet another one of those instances with a similar name to a good instance but it's literally just a single-user pleroma instance for the admin to boost bigots and kiwifarms on


politics, personal, leftist community 

It sucks that it's basically the same story as it was 15 years ago when I first discovered leftism. Same types of people. Same old takes. Same old rhetoric. Same lingo. Same worship of Karl Marx (at least most leftists ditched Engels, but Engels is to Marx like bread is to a sandwich). It's just twitter is a huge thing now. That's the only major change.

Hell it's still a youth/young adult-led movement, which unfortunately has all the disadvantages of being a youth/young adult-led movement.

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politics, personal, leftist community 

You know, it's remarkable how the left has not substantially changed in 60 years (neither tankies nor anarchists), except somehow becoming even more impotent, partially because your average leftist couldn't spot a cop in their group if the guy showed up with a badge and a gun and said "hi I'm Officer Dickhead." Also partially because the fall of the iron curtain made a ton of tankies become disillusioned.

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tankie whine, lewd as fuck, this will probably start discourse but I'm mad as hell 

China's dick must taste pretty good if your willing to do things like deny the Uyghur genocide. Do they at least pull your hair? Does it make you feel anti-imperialist when they're pounding you and you're moaning for more?

Seriously, y'all be in this mindset that China has the best dick on the block because America's riddled with STD's. Fuck that.

People literally don't believe me when I say I severed a tendon with a butterknife. Well I've got the postoperative and rehab pics to prove it, and besides why would I lie about that? It's much less humiliating to say I did it on a straight razor or something.

Tendon surgery update:

(tl;dr cut a tendon in my little finger in October 2020, had surgery 21 October to repair the tendon, and basically months of rehab and the inability to use my hand for 3 months)

I can make essentially a full fist, although it hurts a bit, it's slowly getting better.

The loss of the ability to bend back my little finger is a bit irritating but slowly improving.

I need to work to improve the dexterity too.

Overall I'm happy. :blobcat:

I used to think I hated clicky keyswitches, but these Kailh BOX Whites feel and sound a thousand times better than Cherry MX Blues. They're like a professional orchestra versus that horrendous recorder cover of that song from Titanic

if you have to ask "is this vore", it probably is.

Has anyone else thought deeply about something then came to the conclusion that they don't exist?

@raven @a_breakin_glass watch as countless #vore fans proceed to intentionally mis-report their taxes

I had a fever dream that involved a mafia of dragons and vore

wtf does this mean?

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