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Interlinked Disclaimers 

I am the President of the Interlinked Foundation.

This is my personal account.

Anything I post here represents my own personal views and opinions. Nothing I post here constitutes a statement made by, endorsed by, or made on behalf of the Interlinked Foundation, unless I specifically say this is an official statement.

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I'm the bird formerly known as @luciferMysticus, but that name is sort of dead now.

See that account for my old posts

apologies for the recent outage on The root filesystem was full on the main web server. The database was not affected because it's on a separate filesystem.


I am once again asking the rabid systemd haters who are constantly making every conversation about avoiding systemd to go away. They're causing more damage to the FOSS community than systemd is.

[in Hank Hill voice] Do I look like I know what a "monad" is? I just want a function with a got-dang side effect

lewd and probably a subtoot 

SIMD stands for Succ Instruction with Multiple Dicks

Why am I listening to a chicken talk about how she wishes men showed nipples more in RPGs?

gross, Yoshi 

Yoshi is canonically a dinosaur. Dinosaurs had cloacas and laid eggs.

This means they just fire eggs out of the same place they shit from.

This also means every time Yoshi engulfs a character in Super Smash Bros, they're basically shitting the player out after encapsulating them.

— Elly

drugs, eating bugs 

I'm up all night to take drugs
I'm up all night to eat bugs
I'm up all night for hors-d'œuvres
These bugs are all nice and crunchy

so, I'm planning on making a proper blog post on what i think needs to be focused on for IRC. I gained sme interest in this topic after the N(o)F(ucking)T(hanks) mess with discord and seeing IRC get brought up a few times.

I ended up making a survey [ ] on the subject and I'm hoping to get a good 60-80 responses before i write my post to actually discuss where i think we devs still caring about IRC should go.

The catch is this Survey wasn't linked around IRC, we don't care about people who think IRC is already usable, we care about those who left/are leaving.

While i doubt that it will change anything [the bikeshedding will continue no matter what] I also believe that having good hard data in what people even want is helpful.

This survey is also designed to be as fast as possible for a person to take, so no ranking was undertaken [perhaps a follow up survey could do this!]

re: zero context, very NSFW 


I think everyone in chat just literally died laughing

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zero context, very NSFW 

great, now this stream has progressed to anal vore

I'm the manliest man and I love it when my car farts extremely loudly in the streeat

Anyway, here's Wonderwall.

(unfortunately it's on a members only karaoke stream)

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