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I'm the bird formerly known as @luciferMysticus, but that name is sort of dead now.

See that account for my old posts

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absolutely foul; bodily waste; offensive; lewd bird 

commenting on drama; probably insensitive 

so somehow I've slipped into my weird persona that speaks with a fake southern accent and makes up fake sayings and it feels weird

police; request for advice (nothing serious) 

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I'm starting to think relays might be a major attack vector

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KFC + Taco Bell + Pizza Hut?

Grow up.

What you REALLY want is the liquor store + tattoo shop + daycare.

(I used to live near here)

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Creative Commons
Creative Uncommons
Creative Rares
Creative Epics
Creative Legendaries

Question about furries 

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Reminder: "oh, we don't talk about money" / "we don't really compare salaries here" / etc. is literal capitalist propaganda designed to keep you from recognizing the true value of your labor.

Insist on a frank discussion of the compensation you and those around you receive for your time and effort.

the above post, and this one explaining it, will be my last ones about this without a cw

serious request for people on the fediverse:


I've already had two bad anxiety attacks and abuse flashbacks related to recent blocking discourse and it's making it unsafe for me and probably other people to be on here

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One of Neon Genesis Evangelion's core questions is whether the self can survive a piecemeal deconstruction and reconstruction over prolonged exposure to traumatic events.

This problem is known in philosophical circles as the Cruel Angel's Ship of Theseus.

idk why everyone's flipping their shit over the fish tube. Futurama already did it in the first fucking episode

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