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Interlinked Disclaimers 

I am the President of the Interlinked Foundation.

This is my personal account.

Anything I post here represents my own personal views and opinions. Nothing I post here constitutes a statement made by, endorsed by, or made on behalf of the Interlinked Foundation, unless I specifically say this is an official statement.

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I'm the bird formerly known as @luciferMysticus, but that name is sort of dead now.

See that account for my old posts

linux community rant 

I swear to Eris, the anti-systemd crowd are the single most toxic segment of the Linux community besides the RMS stans. I'm having to fight with people calling it an NSA honeypot without giving any actual evidence for their bullshit.

economics, Socialism 

In Karl Marx's era, the railroads were new, and travel was still surprisingly dangerous. Importation and exportation over the sea was expensive and harrowing. Nowadays, supply chains are far more complex.

He couldn't have forseen that the ruling class would relocate the means of production away from the workers and reduce them to essentially services jockeys (the immense size of the service industry was definitely not something Marx envisioned and he likely would have dismissed them as not being part of the means of production). I argue this may have been deliberate in part to literally kill textbook Communism dead.

This is why I think Karl Marx isn't as relevant as one would think. He lived in a different time and the world has changed. The conditions are different and Socialism has been frankly not willing to adapt in meaningful ways. Still out here worshipping a guy who wrote a treatise on economics 200 years ago.

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I never expected to like an ASMR stream where the host tried to kill the audience in horrifying ways, but I did.

hot take: if your mobile app doesn't support landscape orientation, it's crap

I'm going to make myself a Faraday birdcage and move my bed into it

Which word is the word "carafe" supposed to rhyme with?

The Linux joystick API versus the Windows joystick API is a pretty good depiction of reality vs what neurotypicals think exists

re: Rick & Morty S5, Homestuck, cursed realization 

Once again Homestuck has irreparably tainted my ability to analyze relationships.

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Rick & Morty S5, Homestuck, cursed realization 

Is the relationship between Rick and Mr. Nimbus a kismesissitude?

tired: unix spelling the creat(2) syscall without an e to save one byte wired: plan9 fixing it to be create(2) expiremacs: rename it upsert to match sql

finishing your sentences is great and all, but have you ever tried

unicode symbol that induces stress 


Mechanical keyboard questions 

I have a Keychron K6, a 65% hotswappable keyboard, and I'm want to get new switches and keycaps for it. But I have some questions.

1. I want linear switches that aren't too stiff but aren't too seasy to bottom out on. I don't care so much about silencing. What are some good options besides Cherry?

2. What profile should I use? I'm mainly going to use the keyboard for gaming and sone typing. The K6 is a somewhat tall keyboard. Would Cherry or DSA be worth it?

hololive, China 

Fuck the CCP and all the trolls who support them for running off one of the hardest working, most influential YouTubers who brought Japanese and English-speaking fans together.

Fuck all the trolls and the haters on the internet too who get off on ruining others' fun. All of them can die and go to Hell


randomness is reading every character individually from /dev/zero

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