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Interlinked Disclaimers 

I am the President of the Interlinked Foundation.

This is my personal account.

Anything I post here represents my own personal views and opinions. Nothing I post here constitutes a statement made by, endorsed by, or made on behalf of the Interlinked Foundation, unless I specifically say this is an official statement.

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I'm the bird formerly known as @luciferMysticus, but that name is sort of dead now.

See that account for my old posts

re: fucked up; shitpost; alcohol 

alcohol my grammar bad makes

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fucked up; shitpost 

let it be known that I just said something in which I unironically said "rhetorical bussy"

hot take nobody asked for: Penis Music is better than CBAT

Each thread isn't scheduled until it does a blocking system call. Nothing runs unless the program will exit normally.

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Preemptive multitasking has dominated OS design for over 30 years. It's time for something new. It's time for retroactive multitasking.

Cursed poop 

how do electrical resistance and capacitance correspond to the bristol stool scale?

6,000 people just lost The Game on a live stream in 2022.

Tonsil stones, gallbladder stones, kidney stones, stone babies, why does the body want to make fucking STONE so much

apparently that even breaks a lot of backend REST API stuff.

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guess who just upgraded glitch-soc but forgot to precompile assets


"Eat the rich" how about we just like... take their money? Seriously? They're just men (and a handful of women). Ain't no reason to kill em unless what you really want is petty vengeance. And that path doesn't really lead anywhere good.

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I dunno nothing seems revolutionary about killing someone over an imaginary number in their bank account.

You just take that number and you take their power. Seriously. How many poor celebrities do you know with real political influence?

What's funnier than sixty-nine? Sixty-ten!

This joke probably works better in French.

re: Linux opinion for which I should probably be cancelled 

I've been using 64-bit distros since 2007 with 1 GB of RAM and I've never had issues with running low on memory, unless I was running an extremely big game or trying to compile chromium.

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