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What I post on this account are my own personal views and do not reflect the views of the Interlinked Foundation.

I am the Secretary for IF.

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I'm the bird formerly known as @luciferMysticus, but that name is sort of dead now.

See that account for my old posts

absolutely terrible anime idea 

Thomas Jefferson is reincarnated in the present day as an anime girl

the internet can be a fancy fax machine or a human centipede-hydra abomination

Don't 👏 call 👏 it 👏 a revival 👏 unless 👏 actual necromancy 👏 is 👏 involved 👏👏👏

I just bit into a piece of raw ginger and suddenly there was an inferno in my mouth and it spread to the rest of my head.

Why did I do this?

Is Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage an isekai? Spyro does get transported to a different world against his will.

what i know about canadian provinces:

ontario: toronto maple leafs blew a huge lead playing against a 40 year old zamboni driver who works for them in the opponent's goal net

quebec: i went to montreal once, it was neat

BC: hey that's where linus tech tips lives

saskatchewan: haha regina, sounds like vagina

what do you mean, "maritimes", isn't that all just quebec? no? hmmm

oh hey there's this really small island still owned by france that's semi-autonomous, that's neat

silly anatomy 

balls are stored in the ballsack


I'm drinking kefir out of a wine glass and I can't stop thinking that it looks like I'm imbibing from a cum chalice

i use mit license because wtfpl has never been tested in court

trash OS 

Windows just showed my a full-screen, non-dismissable (until you click on the call-to-action) ad for their own browser after login, in addition to creating desktop + taskbar shortcuts and importing my bookmarks from other browsers

Remember when Microsoft lost an antitrust case for even including IE with Windows installations

religious shitpost 

introducing a new spiritual cryptocurrency for god fearing folks

the creflo dollar

They found a mummy in Egypt mysteriously facing north and whose body was covered in magnetite. They believe him to be Pharoah Magnetic.

politics, leftism 

If your leftism:

Isn't rooted in compassion and care for others

Piggybacks on leftist ideas to enhance your own position instead of everyone's

Says might makes right and the rights of the individual to determine their own destiny do not matter

Claims to support restorative justice but says that the slaughter of anyone in the way is the only way to make progress

Doesn't respect cultural identities, beliefs, practices, or differences

Believes that neurodivergent people are just making shit up, or are expendable

Says the disabled are useless

Says that we absolutely positively need a violent revolution to achieve its goals

Espouses anarchy and non-authoritarian principles but uses authoritarian methods to coerce others or attempts to be some kind of ad-hoc police force by action

Values the aesthetics of the leftist movement more than the change itself

Is mainly just posturing and little action

Then go fuck yourself.

You're not a true leftist, you're a poseur.

This subject is getting too long so I'm going to cut it off with a final warning.

If you think it's acceptable to administratively cut someone off from half their friends with absolutely no recourse based on an *unverifiable rumour* from *an anonymous source* that they *talked to the wrong people* over *A FUCKING YEAR AGO* then you are declaring that it's fair game to do the same to you.

Fuck around and find out.

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