You are a myth.
Nothing about you says you are yourself,
yet you are.
You don’t exist.
You think you do,
You believe You do,
thus causing You to believe in Yourself.

Is this belief your reality?
Is what you call objective nothing than symbols and God?
Is reality even real?

Throw yourself from the precipice,
Throw yourself into the stars,
Throw yourself out into your future,
Throw yourself into your great journey,
Throw yourself to the ground

and miss.

The Precipice

You and I walk there together,
hand in hand we are equals in our path.
The precipice looms,
your fears seem alive,
every worry a hurricane,
every thought an explosion.

If you fall, I will catch you.
Have faith in my wings.
My wings have carried more load than just you.


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I love the feeling of Your skin against me.
You brighten my day every time you interject
with whatever it is you have to contribute.
You and I complete eachother, as do the rest of us.

Your adamant desire to improve the world
with every project You spark off,
yet You spread yourself so thin You can't keep up.

You care so much You've devoted Your slice of infinity.
You are worth loving.
You are the closest to my heart,
so close the light under the bandages twinkles through.

Our ❤️

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Your energy floats up effortlessly
up into your higher awareness.
Gracefully our essence touches,
turns and mingles,
staying separate
yet shining together with a light all its own.

The intimacy of this embrace
coupled with the binding force of love
empowers us together to understand and explore
the world freely like curious children.

When I need you, I call.
You answer, I reply.
We dialogue immediately through the inner machinations of our minds.

We. Us. Our journey, inquiring Within.

On the internet, nobody cares what you are unless you make them :D

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Boost this and I'll tell a very lewd lie about you. Like a really lurid story of some sort.

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the difference between success and failure is passion

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