honestly thinking about getting a Rio... its only like a 2-3 mpg hit over the Forte but its smaller and like $7k+ cheaper even with all the features and options i want, not even $20k

and that gets you power locks/windows, airconditioning, electronic power steering, led headlights and fog lights, led tail lights, android auto and apple carplay compatable head unit...

i wonder if i could convince the dealer to give me the rockford fosgate option in the hatchback...

n E w E n G l A n D i S n ' T h O t O k L a H o M a I s H o T t E r

🅱️ ℹ️ t :commodore: :hacker_h:

not by much!

can confirm now that i fukkin live in oklahomo :flag_us_ok:

I could write an entire piece on the simplicity, effectiveness, beauty, and by-design passive physics & operation of the morning glory spillway, but I'm on my phone...


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