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so as some of you know, me and my family live in oklahoma, which is a state that is oh-so-actively trying to erase the existence of people such as myself (Transfemme) and other LGBTQIA+ folks.

Me and my family are trying to move out of state to a state that actually accepts queer folks and will lead to better employment opportunities for us all.

Recently i've taken ownership of a new car that needs some maintenance done as some of the previous owners had neglected to do so when it was needed.

It needs between $3k-$5k of work to replace all the brakes, wheel bearings, most of the cooling system (partly due to age, partly due to well water) and a bit of suspension work.

i can do most of the work myself but i need parts, this car will help us get out of here and help me get and keep gainful employment

any little bit helps, please...


re: Begpost, Current Events, Moving, Car Maint. 

water pump just failed, and its like $1200 to fix...

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