so i hate to do this but seeing as everyone is taking their sweet time getting back to me about jobs, i really don't have anywhere else to turn...

i'm actively seeking employment, and actively getting return phone calls, but no one has extended an offer for employment yet and at this point im scared we wont make bills THIS month, let alone next month...

we will probably just make rent, but wont be able to pay much else.

even if i got a job literally TODAY, my first paycheck could be 3+ weeks out. I'm doing everything i can.

I am desperate, and completely at the mercy of the world.

I am asking that anyone who can, please help me make bills and not be homeless! i am trying so hard and i'm still applying for jobs every day, but until i formally receive employment, we are dead broke.

Please. Anything you can spare helps...

Cashapp: $plausocks

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boost with CW. Asking for assistance :boost_requested:​ 


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