also did y'all know there's such thing as a solar water heater? I'm talking about evacuated tube solar hot water heaters mang.

shits dope because it can drastically cut your hot water heating bill &/or supplement your conventional domestic hot water USING THE DAMN SUN.

just put one of these relatively close to your current domestic hot water tank and plumb it in appropriately and it will heat the tank with the power of the HellOrb™ in the sky! barely 50-75w of electricity needed!

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@aetios a good lot of the world in fact. it's more energy efficient from a usage standpoint.

on demand hot water is only viable when fossil fuel gas is cheap and plentiful. electric on demand is hillariously impractical. some houses don't even have the electrical service to power an on demand electric heater by itself, not to mention it's far too costly to run given electric rates

@plausocks Aaahh yeah I live in the netherlands and we have domestic fossil gas! Possibly not for much longer though, the production has recently been drastically cut...

@aetios exactly my point, with solar hot water storage and cheap electricity rates, that wouldn't be a problem.

you alternatively could utilize that cheap electric from LFTR and renewables to power electric on demand hot water

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