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im the kind of person who buys cook books with intentions of using them full well knowing im going to wait until im hungry and then make boxed mac & cheese

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"y'all" is a power word. Deliberately gender inclusive to those who know better. Slightly folksy and charming to those who don't.

tfw had to buy all new lug nuts because vehicle manufacturers can't be bothered to spend $20 per car to put lug nuts on made of one solid piece...

I thought this car was pre swollen cap lug nut era but apparently not...

oh and I found this out how? I needed the wheel off to make it easier to do the alternator on the focus and the lugs had no caps~ rusted on and I didn't have the right size socket

youth is wasted on the young, there are fucking 14 year olds out here with bigger tits than me, and they grew faster too. WTF

so I decided to start calorie tracking to help lose weight, ate like normal today. somehow I'm still gaining weight despite eating barely over 1000 calories?!

my thyroid is FUCKED

@plausocks had horrific back pain (like she was in tears) and I almost had to take her to the hospital last night so I called off

I'm technically still a temp (not yet hired on full-time although apparently that's probably going to happen because I'm a workaholic who works harder than they should) so whatever I don't work I don't get paid.

you Kno what really annoys me?

I had this super cool dictionary as a kid, how cool?

it came on a motherfucking KEYCHAIN and had a maGNIFYING GLaSS!

and it was a legitimate dictionary too!

AnD i CaNt FiNd It AnYwHeRe OnLiNe

Sending @plausocks to Ohio to retrieve a car for me to drive to work that isn't this Taurus that's on the verge of flying apart at the seams...

upsides to HRT: gorl
downsides: pErIoD fArTs

im still wet all these years after finding shit like this out...

they literally took this very ok engine from what was a full size north american sedan and put the fucker in supercars like the on Noble M400 and Rossion Q1...

what other shitbox rolling around the streets from like 2003 can you say that about??

tfw porsche designed the fucking engine to have a redline of 8700 👀

ofc ford limited it to 6800 in the taurus because of critical driveline component speeds (i.e. the accessories would /fucking explode/ if they went that fast... they did that on the yamaha powered SHO taurus as well...)

even sounds way better than the standard "Vulcan" v6 offering, 50 more horsepower, 45 more ft/lb of torque, and sounds like a performance car.

not too fast though, but it catches people off guard because its faster than people think

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