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selfie eye contact 

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yeah my fave colors are teal green and like pastel pink as evidenced by my profile pic and subway tooter theme

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im the kind of person who buys cook books with intentions of using them full well knowing im going to wait until im hungry and then make boxed mac & cheese

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i'd be so much hotter if i didnt have this fucking gut...

i suck my gut in while looking in the mirror and i like what i see

they also have absolutely no identifying tags or anything on them whatsoever so I was super confused

they look like a funny sports bra but it's so much nicer and doesn't crush my tits lmao

and although they look small, they fit my 40DD boobers (well, 40D last I measured like a month ago and I was almost a DD then)

so yesterday this odd black bag package thing shows up for me and its got no return address or seller information, just my name and our address, and i open it up and its these weird bras i used to see advertised all over facebook so i was like wtf.

apparently i fucking ordered them a few weeks ago and completely forgot

long story short i put one on and its the most comfortable bra ive ever worn, and doesnt irritate my back pain, so i bought 6 more on top of the 3 i got yesterday lol

they're made of tshirt material and have removable foam and no wire so i can just wash them with regular clothes which is neat, they even make my tits look great

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