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im the kind of person who buys cook books with intentions of using them full well knowing im going to wait until im hungry and then make boxed mac & cheese

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40-50% humidity with nice cool air,Ike 65Β°F, is like heaven tbh...

everything just feels more comfortable and soft, and my body feels way less like a raisin...

can you tell I grew up in a subtropical place lol

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s2g air conditioners have a zen about them when the humidity is just right.

they feel cooler, sound much quieter, rattle less, less wind noise...

everything is just a bit attenuated...

there's lots of odd harsh noise associated with them when the humidity is too low...

overall they just have a much softer presence in the room...


found a computer side panel i can use! its already got the fan hole in it.

i'll need tin snips though...

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im trying to retrofit 120mm fans to a window air conditioner (yes, they will work, ive done the research. these are industrial fans, not wimpy pc fans) to replace the super noisy fan motor thats currently in there and i need to make a plenum for the condenser (the outside radiator bit).

i need to be able to make a shallow box out of it and cut a hole for the fan to spread out the suction from the fan over a larger area of the condenser.

250 CFM is great but when its spread over nearly the whole condenser instead of just a 5x5"/120x120mm area, its even better

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does anyone have any ideas for cheap or free sources of easy to cut/drill/etc plastic that i could use to make a fan plenum?

i tried cutting up a plastic sterelite drawer spare that we had since it was around the right size but its polypropelyne so its not really uv stable and it just cracked a bunch...

looking preferably for HDPE or similar...

tfw fitting DC fans to the window air conditoner is going to be relatively cheap!

basically just need a 6 amp 12 volt power supply, some waterproof connectors, and some ingenuity

and possibly a little sheet metal

i've got enough 120mm high airflow fans, and in the correct CFM range, to effectively replace both the indoor and outdoor fan

Downside is im not sure how to do speed control yet, so it'll be max speed, which is fine because it'll be quieter than even before the bearings in the existing fan rusted up!

tbh i kinda hate the trend of calling combination battery/inverter things "generators" instead of just calling them a power source...

call me pedantic i guesssss w/e

man do i ever wish that disk shelf units weren't so expensive...

all the ones i would consider cheap (Less than $150 or so) are usually limited to 1-3tb max drive size

and the ones that can handle 4+tb drives are several hundred dollars...

anyone have ideas to put to use an ubuntu based server? ive already got minecraft on it, probably going to add bitwarden, possibly nextcloud, ive got jellyfin, just looking for other things i can use it for

someone brought this up in a trans group i'm in and i'm really curious:

s2g people who call it "Cummings" when the fucking engine/truck/equipment says "CUMMINS DIESEL" right on it make me want to slap them.

I dont ever act on that but still

it's such a blatant disregard for the name

Learning that people suffering from the storm and blackout in Texas were using the guide in our book Recipes for Disaster to build a rocketstove with which to heat food and water, we've put the directions online here in their entirety:

Please circulate.

preppers never prepare themselves to die of individualism

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