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yeah my fave colors are teal green and like pastel pink as evidenced by my profile pic and subway tooter theme

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im the kind of person who buys cook books with intentions of using them full well knowing im going to wait until im hungry and then make boxed mac & cheese

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the day i learned how to contain the jelly in a pb&j sammich with a peanutbutter ring, changed my damn life...

tfw ill basically never finish watching the other star trek series because elly doesnt like them for various reasons


I keep those napkins in my glove compartment

pleroma has better performance, I could run 4 instances with what it takes to run one misskey, maybe more

but does it have this error page?

tfw ive always enjoyed cooking, laundry, cleaning (the result anyway) etc...

ive always been a housewife it seems...

also ive always enjoyed cooking, but was always too lazy to care since i was the only one i had to cook for most of the time

I'm officially banning drama. Thanks.

@kaniini and does her snoot make a squeaky toy noise when booped

I need nice legs or I will not do the boop

guess it wasn't just me...

I normally get at least 45mbps on wifi

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