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im the kind of person who buys cook books with intentions of using them full well knowing im going to wait until im hungry and then make boxed mac & cheese

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friendly reminder to unclench your jaw AND DRINK WATER

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public note: i use terms like "man" and "dude" as fully gender neutral, please tell me if you are uncomfortable with this

tfw a lot of people on fedi never watched "Is It a Good Idea to Microwave This?"

Wikipedia says it's hard to reproduce the Chorleywood bread making process on a small scale as if people really like the taste of awful British bread but want to make it at home

also big thank to all my fedi frends boosting my internet tin can shaking

@Elizafox you could eat that packet of instant mashed potatoes we have, should make you feel fuller for a longer time

help me pay down my credit card pls, I've got $3 available balance on it due do my current circumstances sucking majority in the financial department...

any bit helps and will only be used to pay down my balance and keep my credit score from nosediving. planning on getting a job soon but that's going to be a while yet.

pls help i have a loan to pay too

this is the best one ever, delete the internet this fucking meme gets me every time

back to being trash and watching meme compilation vids on youtube

the internet has ruined the way i see very specific strings of letters and numbers


Keurig: LETS BUILD DRM INTO A COFFEE MAKER this is a good idea

me: *tapes a 'keurig approved' tinfoil k-cup lid to the sensor window*
my keurig: LOOKS GOOD TO ME! 👌 👍

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i wonder if they have heated blankets outside of north america

tfw my tits are starting to get in the way of browsing fedi one handed in bed

i have an unhealthy obsession with collecting physical media such as books. for some reason its way easier to read and keep focus if i have a physical book to look at and touch.

also something about KNOWING you'll be able to find that reference/recipe you're looking for instead of settling for something else because your google-fu is rusty

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