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im the kind of person who buys cook books with intentions of using them full well knowing im going to wait until im hungry and then make boxed mac & cheese

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as much as i hate or juniper EX4200-48P 8POE, its going to be the cheapest way to get a 10G capable network switch

and yes im aware that 44 of those ports are only ever going to be 1G but the module im talking about will give us 3+1 SFP+ modules so i can have a 10G link to my (soon to be implemented) router and 3 other high priority devices

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at least SOME enterprise brands were thinking ahead and you can buy a 10G SFP+ module for their gigabit switches

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this leaves two scenarios...

  1. basically no one ever saturates their 1G connection except on rare occasion, and if literally more than 10 people were TRYING to do so, then they're no better off than when the network was 10/100 fast ethernet with an SFP 1G uplink


  1. you have a very niche case where you absolutely need fiber connectivity becausea. you're stupid and run your internet straight into your switch with the switch handling management b. you have an RF interference nightmare, or RF sensitive equipment where your uplink is running, which is poor design

in either case i cant understand why a standard that was implemented in 2006, yes TWO THOUSAND AND SIX, isn't on post-2006 enterprise switches! SFP+ 10G has been around for so long that datacenters basically don't use it except for lower demand clients!

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"But those clients need 1G connectivity"

then why do you have 48 of them trying to cram into a single 1G uplink?

1000mbps (aka 1gb) divided over 48 clients gives each client a maximum of around 20.8mbps assuming they're all utilizing that oh so absolutely necessary 1gb connection, in which case you might as well just have a 48 port fast ethernet (AKA 10/100 ethernet) switch with an SFP port because even that would be overkill!

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surely 1G fiber connectivity isn't such a desireable requirement for enterprise customers that they'd make it a standard...

and yet there it is!

no 10G SFP+ for uplink or interswitch/failover/etc, no just the same ole 1G as the fucking ethernet ports they serve...

at that point why even bother?

if you're to the point where you need fiber for distance, then you aren't, or at least really shouldn't be running straight into a switch anyway

and this is on enterprise switches fwiw

literally the only thing i can see this being useful for is when your uplink to the switch is running through either an RF sensitive environment on the way there, or an RF nightmare for ethernet

but at that point, why not go 10G SFP+ to support higher throughput on the switch??

without 10G or better, you're only having the bandwidth to serve one client at full speed


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ok so how much sense does this make...

-48 port RJ45 Ethernet switch
-all 48 ports are full gigabit
-2x SFP 1G ports for "Fiber Connectivity"

i have a smaller one that will allow a 4th hdd to be installed but idk if it works, and all the other ones i have available that id want to leave in there are the same size basically

i DO have a HD6000 series ATI card though (maybe a 5000 series?) that i think is SLIGHTLY shorter and may allow for it

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you know what i hate?

SATA Cable that got its foil sheath removed by a fan: ABSOLUTELY FINE

SATA Cable that maybe got bent a little wrong: FUKKIN DEAD

and these are the slim blue ones that look like ABLECOM SFF8087 to SATA breakouts, but SATA on both ends

love how my literally 17 year old APC UPS i can still easily get batteries for but my 3 year old one, its a special order thing...

the fuck yo

should be sufficient for what im doing though which is going to just be serving up files, no dedupe or anything else, just handling storage on 3 disks, possibly 4

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i have decided, there WILL be TrueNAS!

although it'll only have 12tb raw (maybe 14 if i add another disk)

and 2gb of ram which is NOT ideal...

mastodons understanding of gender vs mastodons understanding of racism

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