There’s something magical about sitting in the coffee shop as the local college radio station blares indie rock and shoegaze into my ears. I just sit in front of the window and it feels like time stops somehow

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so the american psychological association has been researching polyamory/"consensual non-monogamy" and they have this amazing group related to it that sounds way to hyper for what it is

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100% correct hot take without dispute: Orbital's blue album is way, way underrated

And One Perfect Sunrise is probably one of the best if not the single best song they've made

It's also one of the most beautiful songs ever made, maybe not the #1 one, but top 10 for sure

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randos stop assuming everyone is a "sir" challenge

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throw trans people that think there's only two genders or that enbies are somehow appropriating trans culture right into the sun

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So (the thing I have been using to share a screen and text chat with a room of ppl so we can watch things together) is shutting down at some point soon.

What do y'all use for this purpose? I like watching things with ppl who aren't physically nearby, and having a text chat means commentary (or other chatter) isn't disruptive. Is there an alternative to yet?

I keep emptying and breaking down boxes and I swear they keep coming back

Moving house is still the worst thing ever in case anyone was wondering

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"But what if... I were to take Romance words and disguise it as my own language? Oh ho ho, delightfully devilish, Zamenhof."

me before graduating: I’d rather not do the adulting thing, I like having free time
me after graduating: holy wow money is a thing that I need very badly

Vacationer is probably one of my favorite bands of all time

Gainful employment is a lot harder to get than I originally anticipated

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Skybox: An unidentified cube floating in the sky
Ambient Occlusion: Antimatter manifestations that occasionally block your view of things
Point Light: A minimal effort version of a gesture that indicates a direction
Anti Aliasing: Requiring a real name on sign-up
Screen Space Reflections: Glare on your monitor from the stars in the night sky

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Me: I don’t really do a whole lot of exercise
*spends an entire afternoon playing PoGo and Ingress*
Me: ... fuck

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