New strain of COVID-19 found in Columbus, OH. Supposed to be much more contagious like the UK strain that was identified recently.

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on the Geico Insurance fandom wiki there's a page for 2008 and it has nothing on it

Changing your phone number is such a pain. So many services rely on it. 😓

holy shit people braved COVID to go stand in Times Square what the fuck

I think it's interesting that all of the New Years shows are still filming live in Times Square

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UBI does not stand for "universal basic income"; it stands for "urinary bowel infection"

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Hey my good dude if you didn’t do or make anything this year that’s okay. Capitalism teaches us to measure our worth in how much we can contribute to a cycle of consumption when, in reality, our worth lies somewhere else entirely: how much you love, the brave thing you did even though you were scared, the comfort you gave a friend or the kind word you gave a stranger.

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this is mst3k