@Nikolai_Kingsley Seems like you could replace the word "nazi" with the word "negro" and have a pretty authentic story from a 1950s deep south bar.

Saying "You have to ignore their reasonable arguments" is such a red flag for someone being irrationally intolerant.

Lets stop polarization and hear each other out - instead of shouting someone out of a bar because you're afraid their friends might be dicks.

@asbjorn I think there's a pretty big difference between kicking someone out of a bar for their race and kicking someone out of a bar for advertising their affiliation with a political party that advocates genocide

@jamesnvc @lazarski Absolutely! I agree.

I also think I interpreted "Nazi" differently from you. In my experience it is often used as a general slur against people with right-of-center opinions.

Of course there's a massive difference between being a literal 1930s-style National Socialist party member, and pretty much any other political affiliation.

and Of course there's a massive difference between having a political affiliation, and having a skin color. I'm not arguing otherwise.


(thread missing CW) Terran horribleness, fascism, antifa 

@asbjorn @jamesnvc @Nikolai_Kingsley .m Um. There's a huge difference between racism and antifa.

Fascists try to abuse creatures' assumptions of good faith. So we can't give them any. Confirmed fascist -> ban.

“🎵 Can't we all get along 🎶” kumbayaing is nice and all, but if there's /any/ interaction with fascists, they will try to abuse it to spread fascism. So, with fascists, there can be no discussions, no debates, no reasoned arguments, no shared space.

This isn't ““irrational intolerance””. The bartender is right. You have to cull it immediately and always. Or one day you'll look at your local tab and realize that your instance is a Nazi instance.

Also, tolerating intolerance is a fallacy, and an extremely abusable one at that.

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