happy international homestuck day everyone

aradia is risen for like the fifth time and thankfully she's not a frog ghost

long, the story of how i discovered indie music and got Good Taste because of homestuck 

when i was young the only two ways i had access to music were
- my mum's ipod classic
- the "best of the 70's til now" radio in the car

i couldn't buy my own music and i wasn't aware of music piracy (but even if i was i wouldn't know what to look for), and i would pretty much never go out of my way to find music because i didn't get the point

and then, one day,, i started reading homestuck, and homestuck has music in it as part of the story, so without explicitly looking for music i ended up finding some that i really liked

i found out that it was for sale online, and when i clicked the link it was for a website called bandcamp. at the time i literally did not know that you could buy music on the internet anywhere other than itunes. the apple walled garden is real and it is terrifying

i bought the music with a prepaid visa card i bought with birthday money, and i loved having my own music that i wanted to listen to for once

i looked around on bandcamp and found more music i liked, made by people i hadn't even heard of and didn't play on the radio (i was genuinely unaware that indie music existed), and now i'm rly into different varieties of music and i listen to a lot!!

so thank you homestuck for getting me into music. and also for aradia

re: long, the story of how i discovered indie music and got Good Taste because of homestuck 

@lynnesbian omg homestuck music was the first music I ever bought too! Not that I've managed to develop much taste x years on


@petra @lynnesbian heheh I only bought any Homestuck music recently, after the last reorganization and the huge price drop. Just went and bought the whole thing.

@moonbolt @lynnesbian I should go through and buy everything I hadn't bought before

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