plurals of fedi, when you were first figuring it out, did you like find it really hard to tell who was who talking in your head?

@moonbolt not as much issue with who as the issue of the host having big denial mood tbh. We all kinda knew each other so that was easy but the host was v like "noooo I that's definitely not what this is lolol" and that was the uh. Bigger issue?

Idk if that made sense or helped sorry


@moonbolt yeah a lot of the time we use the same voice

which can be really frustrating because we definitely don't have the same voice when fronting... most conversations end up with one of us subvocalizing just to be able to hear ourselves

@moonbolt I don't think we communicate with words "behind the front", so to speak - either someone is at the front, pushing from the back, or not active.

...but we find it really hard to tell who's at front sometimes, for sure. (Currently two and a half months in, so, still in the first-figuring-it-out phase.)

- 🐲

@moonbolt closest experience i have (tulpamancer) is having a hard time deciding who should be credited for a good shitpost

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