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Anycreature got a guide for new users on how to pick a Mastodon instance?

corruption kink 

@kibimon Hey, so, until about a hundred years ago, the way to legally change your name in the US was just to say "This is my name now."

IIRC, it's actually in the constitution that people can change their names when ever they want.

All the rules about legal name stuff is the result of 20th century bureacracy -- the government needed to keep track of who-was-who for taxes and social security and the draft and all.

That's the only reason we have this distinction between legal and chosen names.


there are actually a huge number of boomers who exclusively go by chosen names (Junior, Bubba, Doc, etc) and iʼve definitely heard stories of them getting frustrated by not being able to use those names in official circumstances. humans have been changing their names and going by nicks & epithets for the entirety of chronicled human history; going by Your Legal Name In All Circumstances is largely a Gen Xer thing.

when you see organizations accepting chosen names over legal names, donʼt think of it as a change in social norms. itʼs more just a cultural remembering that bureaucracy doesnʼt define who we are. draw power from that history.

You ever stop to think how interesting it is that we can convey an entire state of mind simply by going "hhhhhh"?


dumb kink joke, these are getting niche 

I really wanted to do some character work for Flaps Birdmeister, but I can't decide if it would be funnier if they were or weren't a bird

@fluxom_alt @Sapphicgiraffic On one hand, I tend to put Bird Call in a universe where other anthropomorphic animal people exist because it's more fun to think about

but on the other, it's very funny to imagine that there's maybe a handful of six foot tall anthropomorphic crows, much less ones that do crimes, and yet she gets away with these paper thin disguises all the time

@BestGirlGrace @Sapphicgiraffic "So you're telling me while we were busy checking every attendee for Bird Call, the real one just walked in?"

"Yeah, she got us with the bavarian fire drill again."

"And nobody questioned why a bird would be showing up to ConCon to fix, and I quote, "those telephone poles inside the walls" ????"

"Hey she had a work bag and a clip board."

me in school: ugh, a 500 word essay? that'll take forever!
me now: anyways, here's 500 words in erotic board game fan fiction

A little cult recruitment hypnokink, I guess this is fan fiction for the board game Root, the victim in this one is "you" 

cape posting 

hypnokink, cape posting 

hypnokink, cape posting 

sex things with a phone 

if you wanna use binoculars and have her stand farther away, that's good. if you wanna have her be in a tree or on a telephone pole, that's good too. Just bird stuff.

She'll pose and stuff, make sure you're both having fun, but the crux of it is that you watch her, be impressed, and maybe write down the parts of it you liked

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