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No but really. We're discovering so many ways to be that are new, and so many that were always there. It's pretty amazing. :'3

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The way I started doing goals this last run is exactly like Wintergatan's /internal objective/.

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I need privacy, not because my actions are questionable, but because your judgement and intentions are.

β€” starrywisdomofficial on Reddit

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pick me up and hold me against your chest, or press up behind me, or scritch over my head and chin; and murmur into my ear about how you think i'm a girl

do this often, randomly, and without warning

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You don't have to educate me (ydhem): I'm curious, but I'm asking with the understanding that you're not obligated to explain yourself, and I won't be at all upset or offended if your answer is just a link to a resource or even a terse non-answer.

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hypnokink, lewd 

Wanted: a hypnosub to be blanked and made to edge. Will be taken to IRC (experience not necessary). Furries preferred.

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@Felthry @nautilee @IceWolf And it's often healthy to spend a little time exploring alternatives. You may have facets that you don't recognize yet that are still important.

Think how you would feel if you had never realized how important being a wolf was: you'd be fine, and not realize you were missing something such a joy-bringing discovery.

That's not to say that you *are* missing anything. Just that you can play with your identity without breaking anything.

@Felthry @nautilee I think I'm consistent in some aspects but not in others, hah. :3

Like, I am a wolf, always and forever.

Always quadrupedal.

But sometimes different fur colors. And now sometimes mechanical and sometimes not.

And huh, also good to know I don't need physics! (:

@IceWolf @nautilee you don't even have to be consistent with the laws of physics if you don't want to. i'm certainly not

@IceWolf @nautilee some people like being consistent

some people like trying new things all the time

both are valid ways of existing. you don't even have to be consistent between those two

@IceWolf @nautilee just be you, whatever "you" means

doesn't have to be consistent from day to day either

be what you want to be


redbubble has my stickers finally approved

for whatever reason my raichu one ain't up, i don't feel bothered enough to fight it but my CPU stickers are now available!

re: (thread missing CW) Terran horribleness, bigotry, death 

@Felthry @IceWolf @moonbolt

Exactly what Felthry said. It's not that doing it is inherently wrong, but you are potentially creating other sentient being(s) and that has to be taken *very seriously*.

The idea is to have the list items all be links to appropriate educational material|further reading (not Wikipedia, as in this draft: Wikipedia is great in general but we'd want something more curated, and some of the articles I actually linked aren't the greatest).

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Draft text:

A creature's identity is their own. This project does not tolerate harassment, especially not harassment directed at or in reaction to anycreature's identity. The following in particular (list is not exhaustive) are recognized as protected identity attributes: gender, sex assigned at birth, the relation between those two, sexual orientation, romantic orientation, topology of extant or hypothetical relationship graphs, number, species, construction, race, ethnicity, nationality.

(a) I think technology should be built in a way that privileges the reader's preferences for how a text is formatted more than the writers. If nothing else because most texts will have MANY more readers than writers and this is a core requirement for accessibility anyway.

(b) The story I'm writing involves someone forking themself. Their subjective experience of the divide is walking and turning right-superimposed-on-left and eventually noticing themself next to them.
@moonbolt Are you curious about my weird views on markup or my weird stories about one person synchronized between two bodies?
…you know it's very hard to be Mx. "The Author Has No Legitimate Interest in Dictating Presentation" and then find myself abusing math notation to indicate two synchronized copies of someone taking a symmetric act.

I'd be perfectly happy to use a tag to semantically mark up "single person in two bodies takes two different actions." or perhaps the more general "two bits of text meant to be read as superimposed on each other, by default equally but perhaps giving a percentage 'strength' to each one" if one existed.

I'm told that it doesn't, unless I did something like port code from the reference implementation, in which case my project is a derivative work and I need to use a license compatible with theirs and include their copyright notice.

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