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current events, but oblique 

.hg We don't get phoenixes, do we. We don't get phoenixes, nor animals blazing from the sky with starships and stepping disks, nor AIs bootstrapping better realities from nothing.

All we get are the friends we make and the torches we light ourselves. All we get is each other, the ones who are already here, the ones who survived and yet fight.

But that's worth a hell of a lot, isn't it.

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culture of oversexualization 

.hg if you hear “that fox is pretty” and you jump to assuming the speaker wants to have actual sex with the wild animal then
take a step back from your keyboard
and reconsider your worldview for a good five minutes

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.hg Don't wanna spend two hours and a lotta effort on this riiight now, so apologies for the scattered and chaotic nature of this thread, but I do wanna spill this secret and spill it hard:

Names are not special. They're actually just words. “Normal” names are words in a language you don't understand. (I'll begin calling names that are in the same language as the surrounding conversation /transparent names/.)

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.hg Can't sleep. We've been thinking about Dragonfire, and also about a hypothetical anomalous organization that provides transformation services and things accessory to that.

The latter, of course, isn't possible to create, but it could be written about as fiction. Or at least poasted about.

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Terran horribleness, pathologizing, othering, meme, mostly caps 




* Wanted to use labels anyway for a laugh? We had a tool for that. It was called SELF-IDENTIFICATION

* “Oh, you're DIFFERENT? Let me MAKE HASTY GENERALIZATIONS and DEMONIZE and HARASS you.” — statements dreamed up by the UTTERLY HORRIBLE

LOOK at what humans have been demanding your respect for all this time, with all the interaction capabilities we built for them (this is REAL humanity, done by REAL humans):
“yiff in hell furfag” — ?????
“transgenders are mentally ill” — ???????
“I don't want the gays near my children” — ?????????????????

“Hello I would like to be treated awfully in presence and in absence in every interaction just because I'm not a carbon copy of you please”

*They have played us for absolute fools*

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@junebug .hg …I guess this is the point where we declare that

.* we're not human

.hg (and +1 all the creatures who said that neither more nor less just different)

there's nothing magical or supernatural about us. we're just a bunch of inhuman animals sharing a vessel that was assigned human as birth, and that's totally normal.

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idea yoinked from context (because it's really good on its own and in general) 

.hg “You're assuming a real|fake binary that doesn't exist.”

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“Steak is good for wolves. Provides the essential nutrients for glossy coats, running through the forest, and cheerleading.”

— Hiero on Furnet

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Interaction Rules

.* These got discharged into a pinned thread because our bio filled up.

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Terran horribleness, abuse of power, respect, Tumblr quote 

> Sometimes people use “respect” to mean “treating someone like a person” and sometimes they use “respect” to mean “treating someone like an authority”
> and sometimes people who are used to being treated like an authority say “if you won't respect me I won't respect you” and they mean “if you won't treat me like an authority I won't treat you like a person”
> and they think they're being fair but they aren't, and it's not okay.

.hg hot take: the idea of certain traits being “girly” or “boyish” is valuable, actually. Not the idea that anycreature should be excluded from any kinds of presentation, but like…if I didn't have a gendered sense of presentation, I feel like it would be harder to wield the power to change my presentation in a gender-affirming way.

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“See, this is why I hate video games: they just appeal to the male fantasy.”
*the player in question has lovingly crafted an avatar with a miniskirt, long socks, past-the-shoulders hair, and painted nails*

.hg that's not a /bad/ thing, to be clear, but wow it sure is a thing

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.hg ahhh, when you wake up and your home tab reminds you that you're not human

@volpeon Reminder: it's only I a fox roll if it's from the Reynard region of the Enchanted Forest; otherwise it's just whisker-twister.

a use of language i really hate, humancentrism 

I hate it when people say things like "they treated (person) like a dog".

As if the natural state of things was to treat dogs badly, or at least as inferiors, and the true horror was not that the person was treated badly but that they were treated in a manner "befitting" a "lesser" species.

tbh if it builds and runs and does something at least vaguely resembling your final intention it's not "pre-alpha"

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I'm still really confused by games coming out with "pre-alpha" versions that have like fully built models and textures and most of the core gameplay in place

capitalism is bad because it means I can't be pet all the time, and also for other reasons

petplay kink, long 

You figured out they were a pet on the second date, surprisingly.

Normally it only takes a glance. There's something vacant in their eyes, something happy and free, or something that desperately wants to be. Their lives revolve around a few basic needs, so efforts towards other things tend to ring hollow. Plus, they usually find some way to go around in a collar.

Not this one, though.

When they showed up to dinner wearing that darkly colorful blouse and that sharp jacket over it - the tie was a nice touch, and might come in handy later - talking about how they'd been held up at work, apologizing profusely, they looked all the world like the tired but eager office worker you were promised.

Dinner started. They made jokes, they laughed at yours. They talked about their job, what had kept them late. Satisfying work! Public service, even. But every now and then it was a little more than they could handle.

They sighed. They looked wistfully off into the distance - and there it was. That desire to shed everything and give up their life, to depend on someone else, their whims, their ability to provide. To be honest with themselves, to stop trying so hard. To be a pet.

For a moment, the mask slipped. Then, the entrées you both had ordered arrived, and they straightened themselves back out like nothing ever happened. Smiling at the server, smiling at you. It was hard to look at them the same after that, but it wouldn't do any good to scare them away by disregarding the shell they hid themselves in.

Sure, by the end of tonight, they were probably going to find themselves at the foot of your bed. But there was some work to do to get there.

(thread missing CW) reality is horrible, child labor, exploitation, capitalism 

(boost thread)

:boost_ok: please tell me everything you know about getting the fee for a name and gender change waived in washington

the forms are here

Misspent Youth: Fall In Love, Not In Line focuses on inclusion and invitation. It brings gamers and non-gamers alike to play a quick, narrative RPG putting you in the role of teenage rebels fighting to stop the adult-holes from fragging up your future.

Check it out Kickstarter -

Also, check out our community copies for gamers, schools, libraries, and groups who can't normally afford the extra expense of RPG books. Help us spread the subversion far and wide!

what some call "fediverse".... is actually a bunch of gay animals speaking shitposts to each other

Hammock never had a "canon" per se, but I did decide fairly early on that he's a waiter at an upscale restaurant. [2015]

(thread missing CW) reality is horrible, homomisia, military culture, rape, perception of gay relationships 

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