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Horst Burkhardt @mc680x0@mst3k.interlinked.me

Mastodev take Show more

@Elizafox I didn't realise you were famous enough to be one of Masto's biggest hot take people tbh

@calvin if there is a future hardening patchset named k├Ânig i will be very amused

So with kernel 4.14.12 out it's time for me to start work on 4.14-mc3 which I'm probably codenaming Render unto KAISER ...

@calvin honestly if i were to take any 68k silicon as something i actually identified with it'd be the 68030+68882 cpga two-chip solution at 50MHz; ideal for getting shit done but definitely not as impressive as it once was

The vulnerability has made me truly glad that I named myself for obsolescent 1980s silicon.

@Elizafox @rye the solution is to not be wearing a hat when I die. Moment I get shot, take off the hat. On my deathbed, wear a beret ironically instead.