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Chinese hacking of American businesses was an open secret for years, because U.S. companies had too much money at stake to make waves, a joint investigation with @frontlinepbs reveals.

absolutely disgusting 

somehow my mouth just made the "ok google" sound and now I think my mouth is secretly owned by google


homestuck; very minor spoilers 

homestuck epilogue; self-vore? 

Lol time zones hecked up the epilogue release

Let's just abolish time zones already. They're more trouble than they're worth

I just heard the Doppler effect from a sandhill crane that was chirping as it flew by but now I can't appreciate it because I don't know if "chirping" is the right word to describe that sound

it's 4/13 and I am not prepared to be disappointed. this won't end well

Absolutely disgusting 

Today the world finally got to see a direct image of a black hole, which is one of the greatest achievements in astrophysics to date

And I found about it because people were shitposting memes about it

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this is mst3k