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I'm not going to name names who said this, because I'm sure you'll figure it out soon, but, cybre.space's owner is NOT misogynistic, and it is NOT a bad instance.

now it's going down for real this time

correction: now it's going going down.

heads up mst3k is going down again for me trying to fix streaming. hold onto your butts and/or butt analogues

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Is anyone else running mastodon on scalingo with streaming working?

Wasn't the streaming API broken on scalingo before?

So now IRC hacker guy asks "I can't retrieve data from it saying "null" can you tell me a query that can make me bypass null so I can see the info"

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So this guy on IRC comes into a channel and asks for a software engineer. I bite. He PMs me and asks if I know java or python. I ask him "2.7 or 3.x". He asks which is better. Then he asks if I can "make [him] a python 3x code then decompile it into machine code so I can then write the code onto a magnetic strip " so he can make it "tell the atm yo[sic] dispense the money". And he asks how much I'd charge to make it. I smell an opportunity for some white-hat trolling.

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Welcome to the Future of Computing


Should we host an annual awards ceremony for incompetence?

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android is the new windows

-ships with heavy multi-GB OS and preinstalled apps you don't want
- so widespread that it's difficult to find apps written for anything else (other than The Apple One)
- immediately has to download several GB of updates when you start the device the first time
- tries to lock down the device so that the stock OS is the only thing that can run on it

the only difference is, android is ostensibly open source, so barely anyone's bothered to write an OS that isn't android-based