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not intentionally but because I'm that bad at flying and the buildings keep rendering too late to avoid them

I'm going to crash a plane into a building today

in a flight simulator

is it just me or does the fediverse really dislike April Fools' Day?

criminal justice in Dwarf Fortress: the mayor gets mad because nobody made a bed out of soap, so someone gets dragged away by the sheriff and beaten with a crossbow that weighs as much as a football (either kind) before being released


Working with Elderly 

OK, this isn't about subtooting anyone, I just need to vent about tech companies being incompetent and making my life crap when I'm forced to use their services.

I'm extremely annoyed because at Discord, because it routinely logs me out, and I go through the same thing every time, and it's just sooo much time and spoons:
1. provide email and password;
2. get presented a captcha, spend a minute being Google's image recognition serf;
3. if you typed the wrong email or anything, go back to step 1 (yes, you will redo the captcha)
4. get told “new location detected, we sent you a verification email”
5. since email isn't instant, promptly forget about it
6. check again one hour or two later, find the email. paste the magic link into the browser
7. Validation link expired! Sign in (read: provide username & password again) to get a new link
8. repeat steps 1-6, manage to get current IP address whitelisted
9. Get sent to a login page, provide email and password *for the 3rd fucking time*
A. Roll a dice to determine whether you get a captcha
B. See all the messages that piled up while you were logged out, and didn't have notifications, despair.

This is just rank incompetence.
Giving techbros computers was a mistake.

college basketball; ad warning 

so I just saw a guy in my college's pep band holding a sign during a basketball game that says "get dunked on" and I'm not sure if I'm hoping that it's an Undertale reference

i want a real music box with this just so everyone in the house can scream at me tbh

hot take: euro truck simulator is just a knock-off of desert bus with new features

absolutely disgusting 

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