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bad political shitpost 

The two genders are the IBM Model M and the IBM Model F

Oddly enough, the Model F is superior.

I just saw a guy at the cafeteria at work who's wearing Dave Strider's scratched record shirt and now I'm concerned

possibly nsfw (randomly generated) 

trolling the Arch ricers by telling them to put actual rice in their computers

Anand Giridharadas: "Davos should End."

AOC: "Every billionaire is a policy failure."

Howard Schultz: "Please don't eat me. I'm not a billionaire, I'm just a person of means!"

Good to see the world figuring neofeudal capitalism out before the hellscape future of Neofeud is fully realized.

false info as pun 

MTV's launch (on August 1, 1981) was closer to the end of WWII than to today.

Similarly, "Back to the Future"'s release was closer to the end of the Korean War than to today.

somehow one of my coworkers, a Marine, had never heard the word "bullfuckery" until I said it today, and now I'm shocked

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