I'm switching to @raven since I keep forgetting my current name is actually just a randomly generated name for testing back when I thought mastodon would die out within a month

@sroracle @Elizafox unless @Stan is a violinist who can turn into a 4-meter-tall catgirl with tentacles, I'm not interested

@Elizafox all it's caused for me is shitposts and having to deal with freeze peach enterologists (is that the right term?)

lewd; compsci 

In my operating systems class in college, we got to name our teams, and two of them were "semaphoreplay" and "meatspinlock". I do not know how/why the professor approved that.

@DialMforMara was it arson, or did it just catch fire due to poor maintenance and burn down because the fire department didn't care?

is it just me or is the Ace Combat fandom more active than the Homestuck fandom right now?

feel like I’m very good at making more IRC

{\rtf1\ansi\deff0{\colortbl;\red255\green0\blue0;}\cf1\b\caps\fs96\ulw when can we get rtf on the fediverse?}

uspol, debate, alcohol 

taking a drink every time Elizabeth Warren says some variation of SUCC or SUCK is going to kill me

jojo part 5 spoilers 

@HTHR if part 7's final OP isn't a mashup of all the previous jojo OPs then I'm going to be disppointed

#uspol #demdebate2 (how do i hashtag?) 

lol calling out the 24 hour news cycle on a 24 hour news channel

profanity / blasphemy poll 

Fill in the blank:

Fuck Shit _____

[06:41:00] <not-fishbot> [[sroracle]] casts a fatal spell of life at raven, dealing 1950 damage. RIP

sports vulgarity 

one of the weirdest cheers in sports is that half of a crowd Wisconsin Badgers fans will yell "EAT SHIT" and the other half yells back "FUCK YOU"

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