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Louis Cypher @luciferMysticus@mst3k.interlinked.me

I feel like I'm about to start breathing like a dragon but not in a way that is in any way awesome or cool

tired: echo chamber

wired: hyperbolic echo chamber

@Elizafox @awilfox the technical committee meeting is tomorrow, right?

@impiaaa ... why does sub even exist in javascript?

@ElfLord maybe. or I could just reply to random requests here and see what I can come up with

@sydneyfalk I'm pretty sure international banking regulations don't allow banks to let their accounts become haunted

Louis Cypher rebroadcasted

as the new owner of google (a subdivision of maple inc.) my first order will be to reinstate the "view image" button in google image search

@DenubisX this looks like int might be interesting

I'm thinking maybe I should try some creative writing, but I have no idea where to start

@Irick @Elizafox I need something that compiles Flaxscript to JavaScript

@Elizafox @awilfox I can do the same with woodwind and brass instruments

Louis Cypher rebroadcasted

@Leucrotta someone must have broken the space-time continuum or causality in the 60s. it's the only explanation that works

@Leucrotta wasn't that the one where the helicopters were tripping on acid?

@theZacAttacks there have been at least 20 people on IRC asking about this and there was a pretty heated discussion on the mailing list. I'm really shocked they haven't at least made a news post about it