Earlier today, I said that the web needed "severe reform".

I now think it needs to be burnt to the ground, after which its ashes need to be launched into the Sun. Then we need to dump the Sun into a black hole.

We need something better than this.

It's like there are 9,000 client-side frameworks, 9,000 server-side frameworks (which means 81,000,000 combinations), and an infinite number of ways to do things, but they're all totally wrong.

Things that should just be static content often don't work without javascript, and a lot of the javascript that is needed depends way too heavily on a bunch of stuff that isn't.

And just about every site seems to care more about being flashy and monetizeable rather than being usable.

Mastodon, for example, has a pretty unoptimized UI and like no keyboard shortcuts. I can't just tab to the "TOOT!" button even when I'm focused on the text entry thing since the tab order seems to be pulling focus around not only its own ass but every other ass in a five mile radius to get to its elbow before realizing it got to the wrong elbow.

For fuck's sake, why can't I just tab straight from text entry to the "TOOT!" button or use a keyboard shortcut? Having to touch my mouse to shitpost is majorly dampening my shitpost efficiency

Not to mention the fact that it violates so many usability standards that, if such standards were laws, it would have a rap sheet that would make Al Capone jealous

@aerdanx I even had the thought to try that but then the parts of my brain that wanted to keep ranting said "STFU I GOT THIS"

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