does anyone know of a frontend for Pleroma that renders HTML without depending on JS?

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@luciferMysticus should be exactly what you're looking for.It's made for Mastodon but I think it works with Pleroma,too.

@luciferMysticus @rysiek I think you can use brutaldon with pleroma somehow, if that's what you need?

@Michcioperz @rysiek @luciferMysticus The only problem with Brutaldon is that it doesn't serve content to logged-out users.

@Michcioperz @rysiek @luciferMysticus (Then again, although not HTML, there is the Gopher front end for static content for logged out users...)

@bhtooefr @Michcioperz @rysiek @luciferMysticus @gcupc err, I may have misremembered who’s behind brutaldon, apologize if so

I would be in principle, but I don't think the API I'm using supports it... I'll have to see. But then again, it would have to pick an instance to use for logged out users... Seems like a can of worms.

@bhtooefr @Michcioperz @rysiek @luciferMysticus

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