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Legal disclaimer 

Any opinions I express through this account or (any other account besides @interlinked) are my own personal opinions and not those of the Interlinked Foundation, its members, or its affiliates.

I'm switching to @raven since I keep forgetting my current name is actually just a randomly generated name for testing back when I thought mastodon would die out within a month

lewd; compsci 

In my operating systems class in college, we got to name our teams, and two of them were "semaphoreplay" and "meatspinlock". I do not know how/why the professor approved that.

is it just me or is the Ace Combat fandom more active than the Homestuck fandom right now?

feel like I’m very good at making more IRC

{\rtf1\ansi\deff0{\colortbl;\red255\green0\blue0;}\cf1\b\caps\fs96\ulw when can we get rtf on the fediverse?}

uspol, debate, alcohol 

taking a drink every time Elizabeth Warren says some variation of SUCC or SUCK is going to kill me

#uspol #demdebate2 (how do i hashtag?) 

lol calling out the 24 hour news cycle on a 24 hour news channel

profanity / blasphemy poll 

Fill in the blank:

Fuck Shit _____

[06:41:00] <not-fishbot> [[sroracle]] casts a fatal spell of life at raven, dealing 1950 damage. RIP

sports vulgarity 

one of the weirdest cheers in sports is that half of a crowd Wisconsin Badgers fans will yell "EAT SHIT" and the other half yells back "FUCK YOU"

screw the big name VPN providers; just spend $5 on a VPS and put up wireguard

PSA: privateinternetaccess x KF 

A couple weeks ago I found that Kiwi Farms has what looks like a privateinternetaccess affiliate link on their site, which means they can receive commissions from PIA. I emailed PIA's affiliates dept asking if it was legit and warning of KF's history. I did not get a response.

PIA is either supporting what KF does, or they don't care to prevent their trademarks from being abused by fake affiliates.

facetious "would you rather"; self harm 

"I would rather set myself on fire then bathe in raw sewage to put it out then spend the next 21 nights of my life lying in pure sea salt mixed with caltrops and land mines than have to be anywhere around [redacted] for an extended period of time"

mst3k users: I'm going to be upgrading the server from alpine 3.8 to alpine 3.9 to try to resolve the intermittent TLS errors we've been having. I don't expect this to be down for more than a few minutes

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