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I just walked into a 24 hour grocery store and they were playing Nickelback. Is this a bad omen?

Caption: stairs wrapping around a tower. The sign next to them says "13 DAYS WITHOUT AN ACCIDENT"

I saw this sign at work and now I think I should file an OSHA complaint

(Yes this is a real sign where I work)

there are 10 wolves inside of you
two are regular wolves
the third counts in binary
there are no more wolves

I'm confused. Can someone explain the origin of the "there are two wolves inside you" thing?

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"Post-goth with JPEG artifacts" is how I'm gonna describe myself from now on.

the fact that nmap needs the -6 switch when presented with an IPv6 address is a pain in the ass

the resident markov chain bot agrees:

19:43 <@raven> Stan: plants
19:43 <Stan> are like everbody else

things that make my trust in your website drop down a whole level:

- password field is maximum 8-15 characters
- passwords cannot contain some special characters
- password is included in confirmation email

they keep raising Exceptions but never the pay
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