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I'm about to do something I haven't done in a long time: go to sleep before 10 PM

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apparently supybots can convert kilogram-meters per second to ounce-feet per year

Good news, everyone!

I've successfully upgraded MST3K to mst3k-mastodon 2.7 with only a couple of minor screwups requiring manual intervention! One of them was just a missing quote mark.

adding to this thread: nextcloud is freely available. it's open source and libre. but it still has a paid option: you can pay a monthly fee to receive setup assistance and technical support. that's another viable model. the only services i subscribe to provide me with actual, unavoidable necessities - i don't own a server, so i rent a VPS. i don't have a terabyte of storage space, so i use wasabi. and i use netflix for their library, not for their video player. the same would be true of spotify or apple music, if i used those.

but microsoft and adobe want a monthly fee for a *product*. sure, you get a terabyte of onedrive storage or whatever, but that's not why you're buying it. you just want the office suite. you shouldn't have to pay monthly for that.

ugh why did I decide to run VACUUM ANALYZE on a mastodon database? it's taking forever

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