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welcome to 2020 in a nutshell

software horror 

My system is currently idling at 22 GiB mem in use (excluding 20 GiB of buff/cache). Electron overload.

"unicode has the unique property that it is both amazing and a nightmare at the same time"

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"it seems like a lot of stuff is blocked on interrupt support" (okay whatever this one needs a lot of context to make sense)

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"i generally like my line lengths under 9000 cols. . . but some people just like to watch the world burn"

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MH (-) 

@MadestMadness Sometimes life doesn't provide a purpose. But that isn't a bad thing. It is an opportunity to create your own, or find one.

"powerline ethernet is just PoE backwards"

re: Mastodev and meta, security bug with Mastodon 

@sandrockcstm Last time I worked with Mastodon internals, it really didn't seem like security was a concern.

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its green because connecticut drinking water has honest to god no-bullshit URANIUM in it

im not even joking

OH: with great power, come great heat sinks

tired: dismissing alarm and falling back asleep
tired: editing alarm forward an hour and falling back asleep

disorganized thoughts 

The past does not repeat itself. The past does not have the ability to make decisions. We see the past, normalize it, and decide to continue because that is how it has always been. We can have nice things. We just choose not to.

Like this, things are picked up and incorporated. Removing things is much harder. But what is the difference between adding and adding the absence of something?

Also, who are "We"? What is "nice"? What are "things"? What is the past but just a former present?

I remain convinced that power grids in the US are fundamentally broken.


The inconsistencies of vectors with the rest of the LLVM type system continue to be annoying to deal with. You can use insertvalue for structs or arrays, but no, not for vectors. You need insertelement for vectors, which accepts a variable offset. And you cannot use variable offsets on arrays. Meh.

@Elizafox There are some places that code for AVR microcontrollers entirely in assembly, although the firmware is generally not all that large and this is probably disappearing over time as larger µCs keep getting cheaper

Other than that ASM is mostly just for crypto algorithm implementations or occasionally for extreme hot paths in code (where everything around it is in an actual language) nowadays.

But using assembly as the main language for software is more-or-less dead.

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