politics, transphobia, angry yelling 

There is currently a bill in South Dakota - House Bill 1057 - which will make it illegal to provide transgender care (hrt or surgery) to children under 16.

. . . and it was just voted through the first legislature with an 8-5 vote. . .


Oh, and, even better:
"Section 4. That this Act may be cited as the Vulnerable Child Protection Act."

You aren't protecting them. Hell, you might even be killing them.

In a previous version of the bill, the age threshold was 18 and it was defined as a Class 4 felony. It is now a Class 1 misdemeanor.

The bill is also somewhat worded in ways that seem to attempt to invalidate transgender people.

I am not in South Dakota. . . but like. . . why the hell do I have to live in the same universe as these people?

Public record, for anyone who wants to read it: sdlegislature.gov/Legislative_


re: politics, transphobia, angry yelling (correction/update) 

Correction, that 8-5 vote was just for the committee. It passed in the house yesterday with a 46-23 vote: sdlegislature.gov/Legislative_

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