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re: out-of-context quote, capitalism, death 

out-of-context quote, capitalism, death 

I opened Steam again for the first time in months, and this happened.

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"Hey, you know what humans are famously way better than computers at?"

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GOTTEM https://twitter.com/associatesmind/status/1227241882012401664

DoorDash doesn't get to weasel out of the binding arbitration clause it made the workers agree to, now that the bill is showing up
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re: politics, transphobia, angry yelling (correction/update) 

I love it when the only reasonably near thing I have to look forward to spontaneously disappears. . .

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politics, transphobia, angry yelling 

This week has been so mixed that I no longer know how to tell whether I am having a good day or a bad day.

Or maybe both idk?

uni, tech 

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