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Interlinked Foundation @interlinked


Effective immediately, we are now owned by the Interlinked Foundation, a non-profit incorporated in the state of Oklahoma in the United States.

@luciferMysticus @awilfox and @Elizafox are presently the trustees of the Interlinked Foundation by default as incorporators.


We're going to elect our trustees soon. If anyone would like to participate, let us know.

It does mean using IRC or voice for meetings but doesn't confer much duty other than helping steer us.

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@interlinked @luciferMysticus @awilfox @Elizafox all communications with me must be archived in duplicate on paper with both my company seal, and the interlink company seal

@interlinked @luciferMysticus @awilfox @Elizafox Wow cool you're getting all professional and stuff!