Two new instance silences today: and

The former is due to the lack of moderation and obvious violations of our community guidelines coming from there.

The latter is for untagged NSFW content; we will not be accepting media from that instance, either.

Apparently a cosmic ray flipped a bit or something and caused the VM mst3k runs on to get stuck in an infinite loop of crashes. It appears to be resolved for now, but we'll keep an eye on it. Apologies for the inconvenience. instance has been blocked/suspended for excessive reports of bot spam. this is in line with some other instances who have or have considered a block. users on mst3k will no longer be able to interact with bots or users on

mst3k has been upgraded to Mastodon 2.5. If you want to know what new features are available, check out the release notes here:

You can find our customized branch of Mastodon at

mst3k is upgrading to Mastodon 2.5. There might be a little downtime. We'll send another announcement once the upgrade is finished. was failing to resolve for a couple of hours due to some problems with our domain registrar. It should be resolved now. Apologies for the inconvenience!

@plausocks was promoted to admin so she could upload emojos and assist in instance moderation. Welcome her!

Hello everyone! @plausocks is now a mod! Be sure to give her a warm welcome. and have been blocked due to harassment against others. For more information see the relevant section in

This block will be re-evaluated in three weeks. has been blocked from mst3k for hosting Nazis has been blocked because, well, do you really need an explanation? has been silenced due to transphobia and general bad behaviour

Mastodon and Pleroma privacy update 

We're receiving reports of an exploit that allows users on certain versions of Pleroma to send follow requests to Mastodon users even after being blocked, causing a nuisance.

Although the latest version of Pleroma does not contain this exploit, not all servers are up-to-date, nor has a defense yet been implemented in Mastodon.

A relatively small number of bad actors are taking advantage of this, though, so users are encouraged to report them individually.

mst3k has blocked due to a massive transphobic meltdown from an admin and refusal to do anything about transphobic users.

Thread: (CW: transphobic content)

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