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i realized i don't have a pinned post talking about why i don't post on mastodon and then forward the tweets to twitter.

some of you know who i am on both platforms and know that the content is incredibly different between those platforms. this is because i think i should maintain some kind of a professional facade for the people who just want to follow me for tech related stuff or updates to infrastructure.

as you might have noticed. this account is not on a fedi profile. we don't yet have a mastodon instance for once we do have a mastodon instance for, i will either be mirroring tweets from there, or - most likely - will be moving 100% to mastodon in terms of content creation.

i don't have enough of a following on twitter anyway to warrant putting my important posts there.

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Gender politics, bad advice 

If the government thinks that the gender I was born with is the gender I have now, then I reserve the right to go 75 in the section where they painted 60 over the signs.

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I'm locking my account so I get notifications for new followers. I will most likely allow you, but I just want to see who follows me, and this is the best way to do it for my setup.

autism speaks, more like speaks over autistic people, am i right

happy trans day of don't you fucking out me in this political climate or I'll chop off your balls too

After some fun failures, I have made a new PGP keyring. Fingerprint: 88823A75ECAA786B0FF38B148E401478A3FBEF72 | URL:

If you have another way to contact me and verify this key is correct, feel free to do so. If you'd like to sign this key, HMU.

these fuckin TANKIES on my timeline wanna fuck stalin because she has, and i quote "some damn honkers". unbelievable the thinghs on this website

body odor, acne-adjacent 

Decided to try and do something with the blackheads on my nose. Despite what I would consider to be reasonable hygiene practices, they've been there for years. I've just not really cared. But today I was interested and tried to squeeze one out.

The fucking smell is so God damn disgusting. And it's right on my fucking nose so there's really nothing I can do about it. No amount of washing helps.

family member passed away, grieving, gun (not related) 

anyways tinkered with my rifle and pistol a bit and that gave me enough of a distraction to not really think too hard about it.

got a new red dot for my rifle and an underbarrel flash light for the pistol. waiting on red dot for the pistol too.


Legal disclaimer: I am not suicidal, I have no suicidal tendencies, and the guns I have were not purchased with the intent of committing suicide. Feel like I need to include this given the above. Fuck off ATF.

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(boosts please) informal selection biased masto poll time :dragnuwu:

in the following adhd is defined as: you have been diagnosed with adhd, you have self-diagnosed, or you fit the typical screening criteria (if you're not sure please go over the symptoms and see if you are affected by many of the symptoms in at least 2 different settings)

hacker is defined as: you enjoy writing code, learning about computing topics, or finding novel ways to interact with computer systems; and do it as a hobby, for fun, or as a volunteer

pick the best description of yourself

family member passed away, grieving 

Was gonna ask my dad to keep an eye out for a 3080 under a thousand. He could always find components somehow. We'd bond over getting new parts and building franken-computers. I'll make do without him, but I've never missed anyone more than I miss him right now. I wish I could talk to him about work, even if he'd just nod and pretend to understand what I was talking about.

I've never felt so lonely. He was always so supportive. It's hard going on without him.

How to parallelize any loop in zsh:

Insert the following "limiter":
while [ "$(jobs | wc -l)" -ge 14 ]; do sleep 1; done

14 is the amount of parallelized jobs.

Then, put the code inside the loop into a shell script, and launch the shell script like, `zsh your_arg1 your_arg2 &`.

The & is significant. That's what parallelizes it.

"linux wi-fi drivers suck, you should use windows it just works"



I don't know how to talk to my boss about how I think my mental health is affecting my ability to do my job and I think it's going to get to the point where I'm going to just lose my job because of it.

brain: but what if you making a super tol super swole gorl character in a game is just you projecting your sexual preference onto a character instead of who you want to be as a person

me: shut up brain i'm not even attracted to gorls like that


my brain is the most annoying TERF i know and i hate it

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