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Gender politics, bad advice 

If the government thinks that the gender I was born with is the gender I have now, then I reserve the right to go 75 in the section where they painted 60 over the signs.

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I'll be mentoring anyone who wants to help contribute to #! during hacktoberfest. This would be helpful if you want to learn about Ansible or Kubernetes!

I'll also be mentoring for my own project `k8s-ares`, though I am still a beginner with the tech used there.

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Thinking about setting up #! sponsorships for donations. I think the most convenient option would be login MOTD, but you don't see it for long before tmux attaches to your screen... On the other hand, if it's in the shell, users may find it more obnoxious. Thoughts?

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I'm locking my account so I get notifications for new followers. I will most likely allow you, but I just want to see who follows me, and this is the best way to do it for my setup.

Do y'all ever sit wrong and after you try to get up just realize you can't move your leg?

imagine going over to your child's house and they be like "go to the fuckin basement, woman"


"Good lord what is happening in there?"

- The guy doing my prostate exam.

I got so mad about my job that I gave myself a headache lmfao


boost if you're living in america and envious of other countries doing shutdowns to slow the spread of covid OR if you're gay (no one will know which)


Trans and nonbinary current affairs staff at the BBC aren't allowed to assert that they exist and aren't mentally ill, oh my GOD


Asked for clarity on confusion, BBC said pride is fine if it is seen as a “a celebration”, but if the “trans issue" (as it was described) is involved then it passes as a protest and news and current affairs staff should not attend.


do u ever say good night before u go to bed but it's actually not a good night u just need to keep up a facade that ur a functional human being?

looking for software development work :boost_requested:​ 

Hey, I am looking for software developer work. I am familiar with C, C++, Java, and many other languages, but I learn quickly, and can probably learn the language you use.

I'm fairly experienced in modeling relational databases, working with Qt, Sqlite, Postgres, and SQL Server, SDL, and SFML. My specialty is Linux but I can target just about any POSIX-compliant platform, or Windows, and I aim to write portable code.

I've worked on Plume, a Fediverse blogging platform, Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead, a roguelike game, sqlite_modern_cpp(a c++ abstraction wrapper for sqlite), MuaLu(A lua based muck engine), and more.

I've dabbled in assembly and lower level coding, and would not be adverse to picking it up to work.

I am based in the US, specifically Tulsa.

I am available for contract work or remote work, though I am currently caring for someone who is disabled so I have to be remote, or at least have minimal office days.

You can get in touch with me via DM or through email through

I have a tiny brain sopping wet with Dumb Bitch Juice

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