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*stands atop a mountain, overlooking the people*

I am GAY


And I am IN DEBT yay for mundane beauty that can be anywhere if you just look around!

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Just sitting here with my ADD self thinking about the accuracy of that post someone made that was like:

"I enjoy video games because they allow me to live out the fantasy of setting attainable goals and completing them"

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seems to me like we all need to be be meaner more chaotic more level-headed and way nicer

Born to sleep
Mind is a fuck
184,382,298,129 bad dreams

@freemo that makes a whole lot of sense. Didn't really know the climate strikes were _in schools_, despite hearing a lot about it. Thanks for enlightening me.

"Life has meaning only when it is joined with expanding space that permits wisdom to enter. So let go of any limits that are within you. Allow us to be limitless. Will you agree?"

@freemo why would it be a bad thing to support Greta? It's youth taking on initiative towards improvement of the world, and a great example for everyone who deems themselves too small to do anything.

Ever do a tarot spread and go "haha I hope you're wrong haha"

I don't actually know what "cathartic" means but I use it anyway and hope it's not wrong

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And by that I mean the natural phenomenon, and not the act of watching The Heavy, from Team Fortress 2, rain down bullets upon his enemies.
Though that's pretty cathartic as well, I suppose.

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There's something deeply cathartic in watching heavy rain


Like, spending long periods of time pacing around for no reason is not a normal thing, is it?

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I keep finding out stuff that I apparently have but have always thought it was just the normal


Don't you love when you do something and it works?
I was messing around earlier and put up a simple construct that fiddled around with the energies of the room, and hell it was fun.
Anyway I kept on with my stuff and got like, the most depressed I've been in days, just laying in bed extremely emotionally fatigued.
Turns out I didn't turn the construct off and it was still sucking in my energy. Had to undo it manually to unfuck myself.
It messed me up real bad, but damn if this isn't fun!

I'm like sending entire messages on discord only to realize I haven't even picked up my phone yet

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this is mst3k