Why is it so hard to get a good Role-model for climate change activism.

I used to be fairky active about climate change but now that Greta came along I had to distance myself from most organizations as many seem to praise or support her. It is such a shame we cant have role models in climate change we can look up to.

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@freemo why would it be a bad thing to support Greta? It's youth taking on initiative towards improvement of the world, and a great example for everyone who deems themselves too small to do anything.

@chaos_hydra The most notable issue is her anti-education stance. She promotes kids play hookie from school in order to bring about climate change without a very clear set of objectives or demands to even bring it about.

The equivalent to this would be an educator starting a movement that said "We need to dump toxic waste in a river every friday to bring awareness to education". It is destructive to one cause in a vain attempt to bolster another.

More importantly though is that it is self-destructive to the climate activism in the first place. Climate change denial is rooted in people being uneducated, not being critical thinkers able to reason and understand the situation. So the very movement she is creating in the long run will perpetuate the problem rather than fix it.


@freemo that makes a whole lot of sense. Didn't really know the climate strikes were _in schools_, despite hearing a lot about it. Thanks for enlightening me.

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