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Might be a good idea to keep an eye out for the next few weeks. Trump and a bunch of other hard right media figures are getting banned from Twitter and Facebook. Parler and Gab are getting booted from Google Play and likely the App Store, too. That's going to shake out a lot of fashies. They'll be looking for new digital spaces where they can recruit and coordinate, and some of them may land on fediverse servers. Keep your guard up.

Gonna be migrating my Kubernetes cluster and dedicated server onto NixOS with a hetzner server. It's a Ryzen 3600 with a 512GB NVME boot drive and 3x2 TB sata HDDs for about 52 euros per month. This will be able to replace my aging dedi too. Hype!

me: mv source destination

me: oh shit i meant to copy those files not mv. i'll copy them back so they're in both places

me: mv destination source

me: ah shit fuck. i did it again. third time's a charm i guess

me: mv source destination

New article on the side blog: Animal Crossing New Horizons: An Island of Stability in an Unstable World

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