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don't you 😍 love it when he 😘 gives you a πŸ” burger with the πŸ“ƒ peel still on?

Cadey~ rebroadcasted
find someone who cares as much about you as alex jones cares about frog sexuality

Shit you people probably don't deal with: a little yellow pony getting your attention for over 5 minutes only to say "made you look :D" and then go back to cuddling

Heard out loud: "my life is an existential mindfuck"

As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. As a man remebereth the game, so loseth he.

Cadey~ rebroadcasted

Brain be like

"hold on let me hold you to the standards of a fucking God, standards so high that if you judged others like that, you'd feel like a piece of shit"

Fucking brains

Cadey~ rebroadcasted

Why is it people judge themselves more harshly than they judge other people?

I'm guilty of doing the same

I just

Kind wonder why people do that

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i think that last post was the most cursed one i ever wrote

.i pe'a lo jetnu ne'i vanju
in vino veritas
Inside wine, truth

Cadey~ rebroadcasted

meta-discourse (that is, a take on discourse trends. not discourse about platform meta or whatever) 

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