There is a spot in your brain dedicated to the HeadOn commercial and 877-CASH-NOW.

It is frustrating to be the only neuro-diverse person on your team at work

A ritual where you say "gender" over and over until it reaches semantic satiation, at which point gender utterly ceases to exist and no longer holds any power over you

@cadence I mean more seriously you could shitpost about your desktop setup and somehow end up on the front page of hacker news on accident

@poorpocketsmcnewhold @lain I don't really interact with the suckless team at all. The orange site thread went about the same too. I guess the more amusing part is that someone on hacker news called me a "coding robot".

I just got used to dwm when I had underpowered hardware and it's what I go back to now. I'm running dwm on a Ryzen 5 3600 with 64 GB of ram. It's kinda overkill as far as the specs vs window manager go, but less waste in the desktop environment leaves more memory for things like games and virtualization of clusters to test things across distributed systems more easily.

I tried using spacemacs but it seems utterly incapable of using my terminal theme's 16 colors for things, and instead insists on using 256 colors. No, I do not want your shitty 256 color themes. Let me use the colors I picked myself.

@charlag I really use X because I understand it well enough that it can just fade into the background.

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