$ tailscale ping oculus-quest-2
pong from oculus-quest-2 ( via in 34ms

@adam I ssh into my tower over tailscale, it's no big deal to not have it locally.

@adam I'm really split on it because on one hand it's weird legacy stuff holding us back from making it easier to secure things and on the other hand rust doesn't have enough target support to really be useful across all those platforms

time="2021-02-10T16:40:34-05:00" remote_ip="fd54:689:e100:7444:3e7f:fa24:7548:291d" path=/ping user_agent="kirciau/dev+Cadey go1.15.8/freebsd/arm64"

@leo The packets get routed through another node. I have the IP routing set really permissively.

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